Tom Holland’s The Brothers Trust Releases Gold Hoodies to Help Fight Cancer

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Tom Holland

If there’s anyone who can teach a masterclass in manifesting, it’s Tom Holland, having gone from the infamous childhood snapshot of a web-slinging figurine flung onto his face like an actual fist-sized spider to decking it out in spandex across the MCU. So, how is he playing more into the mystical as if? Through tackling another less-than-heroic punk, that is — cancer.

While he may not have an arsenal of high-tech gadgets designed by the late Tony Stark, blood proves to be thicker than anything by forefronting his families’ charity, The Brothers Trust. Alongside his parents and siblings, Sam, Harry, and Paddy, their latest collaboration is with Momentum Children’s Charity.

Gold-colored hoodies patched with the cancer ribbon can be purchased for 65 EURO through their website.

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