‘Dynasty’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 17 “Stars Make You Smile”


Kirby returns from rehab, Fallon’s company is once again in jeopardy, and there’s a new Carrington in town. Plus, what’s up with Eva and Liam? Read on to find out what happens in this week’s episode of Dynasty, “Stars Make You Smile.”

Kirby’s home

Kirby is back from rehab and ready to make amends with all the people she hurt, but she doesn’t know where to start. Adam is on his way to work when the two cross paths rather awkwardly. He wishes her well anyhow and rushes out the door. Kirby says she should have expected that because he didn’t answer any of her emails. Fallon’s next on the list. She is hurrying to get to her emergency board meeting, so she quickly forgives Kirby in passing.

Collin’s crusade

The emergency board meeting in question is to find out who is buying up large quantities of Fallon Unlimited stock via shell companies. They don’t have to wait long for an answer though, Colin makes it known that he’s the one who did it.

This is Colin’s way of retaliation after Fallon bought up the land he was going to. Once he gains another five percent, he will have the controlling interest. Fallon tells him gloating gets him nowhere, but he’s already got a deal with a hedge fund, the announcement will be made the following day.

She has her own plan in place to make sure he has no chance at doing so, however. If she sells off the radio division and uses those funds as a “Ms. Pac Man defense” as she calls it, he won’t be able to save his company and buy the five percent.

While she can’t get Quinn’s vote on the board, she manages to steal the three who were gunning for Colin. She remains head of the board.

Blake Carrington you … may be the father?

Wilford Harewood/The CW

Flipping through Anders’ things to get a sense of direction, he comes across his calendar from 1996. He then presents it to Alexis and asks if it’s possible he’s the father. 40 weeks before she gave birth, she and Blake were in Miami celebrating the New Year. She reminds him it’s not certain they slept together, but Blake is almost positive. Why? She also sneezes in the sunlight, just like him.

Blake requests help from Adam to distract Amanda while Blake gets ahold of her glass so he can run DNA testing on it. Alexis interjects and crushes the glass, rendering it useless. However, Adam, like a true Carrington, helps his dad steal her brush and get a few strands of hair to test and she is, in fact, Blake’s biological daughter.

A toast, to successful Black businessmen

Wilford Harewood/The CW

Culhane has managed to get one of the hottest podcasts, On with Andre, to do an interview from the club. If it goes well, he may be interested in doing live shows. Andre only wants to highlight Black careers, so Culhane asks a favor from one of Atlanta’s A-listers, Jeff Colby. The interview seems to be going well until Andre asks about Jeff’s space dealings. Jeff gets defensive. He doesn’t want to talk about it until things have happened. They get into an argument, which leads to Jeff leaving and Culhane scrambling to fix it.

Culhane gets a message about having Andre do another podcast. He thinks it’s a mistake at first until Jeff confesses the truth. He didn’t get the approval he needed in Washington. He’s invested so much money into the company, he’s worried it’ll never get off the ground. Culhane reminds him that Jeff Colby never gives up.

Liam and Eva

For the past few episodes, Eva and Liam have had several interactions together, but in this episode, it looks as though Falliam’s marriage is on the rocks, and Eva is the one setting the stones. Fallon has put her business first, and with Eva as her assistant, she finds herself playing both sides. If things continue down this path, there will be a lot more at stake than people trying to steal a piece of the Dynasty crown.

Dynasty airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. Episodes stream the next day on the CW app as well as cwtv.com.

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