Thursday, September 23, 2021

‘The Boys’ Release New Music Video Featuring A-Train

The Boys marketing machine has done it again. The Boys series on Amazon has produced several different types of content as season 3 is still in production. This time The Boys‘ creators have released their second music video. Their latest video features the character A-Train in a single called “Faster.” A-Train (Jesse T. Usher) is a superhero called a “Supe” currently in the Seven (The Boys‘ version of the Justice League). His superpower is incredible speed making him the fastest human on earth. A-Train figures prominently in the series for his accidental killing of the girlfriend of The Boys‘ main character, Hughie. Enraged by A-Train’s lack of remorse and Vought’s inability to give A-Train any true consequence, Hughie joins the cause to take down the Seven.

A-Train’s video brought to us by the fake “Voughtify” shows him singing while racing a Vought brand car. A-Train drops razor-tight lyrics with his signature blue glasses. A-Train looks at the camera while singing, “Here comes the A-Train, Mr. Fleet Feet
Savin’ lives, no surprise like it’s easy, there ain’t no day like a race day.” Those viewers who have watched the two seasons know that A-Train has killed several key characters in the series both accidentally and intentionally all the while trying to cover up his addiction to the illicit substance called “V.”

Christopher Lennertz and Math Club produced the single called, and Aimee Proal sings the refrain along with main singer Jesse T. Usher. Lyrics were written by Rebecca Sonnenshine, Jessie T. Usher, Isaac Lucas, Colton Fisher, and Christopher Lennertz.

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The video and song serve as a work of art itself separate while satiating fans’ thirst for new content while season 3 keeps filming.

One thing is certain: Regardless of the characters’ powers, the actors are themselves multi-gifted, making them triple threats. Not every show can boast actors like Jesse T. Usher, who can both act, sing, and star in their own characters’ music videos. The Boys bring their A-game.

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