‘Mr. Corman’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 6 “Funeral”

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Josh is in town for Dax’s funeral where he meets up with a ghost from his past. Read on to find out what happens in this week’s episode of Mr. Corman, “Funeral.”

Rest in Peace, Dax

Josh is attending Dax’s funeral. He spots Megan and they exchange glances. Once the viewing is over, Josh begins getting questioned by Dax’s family about what really happened to him that night. He tells them, of course, but they just want to know more.

Soon it feels like Josh’s whole world comes crashing down (as evident by the asteroid plummeting closer and closer to Earth). Megan interrupts him and they begin catching up on their lives. She invites Josh over with her family to which he politely declines by saying he should check for earlier flights. She tells him there aren’t any.

The Reconnection

Megan says it herself, she believes that the two of them were brought together again for a reason. They’re at the grocery store talking about her parents and her mom’s cat when Megan leans over in full-blown hysterics. Once she’s let out a good cry, a woman approaches and asks if she’s okay and if Josh is bothering her. Megan says yes, he is bothering her, but then begins laughing. But nobody else thinks it’s funny.

Their last stop is the fruit shop. They ask each other about their dating lives, fishing for answers about if they’re single (spoiler alert: they both are.) Megan lets him know that she’s finished her album and she’s planning on touring it soon. Josh congratulates her. She finally feels like she’s found a sound all her own.

The Day It All Unraveled

As they’re chatting, Josh can see the asteroid getting closer and closer to him. He finally decides to tell Megan about his struggles with anxiety. He tells her he’s going to get up and walk it off.

As they pull into Megan’s parents’ driveway she tells him she will drive him to the airport after they unload the groceries. It’s too late, however. Megan’s mom has spotted Josh and invites him to stay. Her dad walks in the room poking fun at his daughter.

“See that’s what I’m talking about. The world’s burning down and we’re all just living our stupid lives.”


The night creeps in, Josh and Megan are still there. Her mom puts on one of her old songs and Megan isn’t having it. She asks her mom to stop. She doesn’t, so Megan gets up and leaves the room, furious. Her mom is upset because Megan tells her she isn’t supportive enough of her career, but when she tries to be, Megan tells her to stop.

Josh eventually goes into Megan’s room and sits with her as she gently cries. Before long, emotions run high and they both go for a kiss but Megan says no, Dax died and she doesn’t want them to get confused. She can’t go back to him, he never believed in her.

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