‘Ted Lasso’: Rebecca’s Secret ‘Bantr’ Crush Is Finally Revealed!

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After much speculation, AFC Richmond owner Rebecca’s secret Bantr crush was finally revealed in this week’s episode of Ted Lasso … and it’s definitely not who audiences were expecting!

Warning: Spoilers ahead for ‘Ted Lasso’ season 2, episode 6 “The Signal”!

This season of Ted Lasso introduced audiences to Bantr — a dating app that relies on connecting potential matches through words and conversation instead of photos. Keeley was seen enthusiastically promoting Bantr to the Greyhounds, and she even encouraged the owner of AFC Richmond, Rebecca, to dip her toe into what the app could potentially offer her.

Still of Hannah Waddingham
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Getting back into the dating pool has been a challenge for Rebecca after what she went through with her terrible ex husband Rupert (aka the show’s most irredeemable character). She thought she had found a man that she enjoyed the company of, as seen in the first episode this season, but a double date with Keeley and Roy said otherwise. In the words of the wise and blunt Roy Kent …

“You deserve someone that makes you feel like you’ve been struck by f*cking lightning. Don’t you dare settle for fine.”

And so Rebecca continued her search for the right match, a man deserving of what a strong, independent woman like her brings to the table. Under the username Bossgirl, Rebecca soon began talking to an anonymous man known as LDN152. The two hit it off and soon began to chat with one another regularly.

Eagle-eyed viewers began to try to piece together the puzzle to determine the identity of Rebecca’s mystery man. Based on their conversations and other subtle context clues found within the show itself, many were led to believe that it might be Ted. Given that both are lonely and hurting right now, and the fact that the show has made a point to illustrate the growth of their relationship, this didn’t seem like too far of a stretch.

However, Ted Lasso has always had a penchant for subverting expectations with its plotlines. This can be seen in the way that Keeley and Rebecca have developed a lovely and supportive friendship, whereas television shows far too often lean on the crutch of pitting women against one another. It also occurred earlier this season when Roy and Keeley’s relationship drama was resolved in a healthy and mature way, rather than being used as a plot device for an unnecessary breakup arc.

All that is to say that with any other show, viewers would naturally be led to expect that the two single lead characters may possibly end up together at some point. Whether it be a romantic endgame plot or a messy love affair, it’s a common trope that we’ve all come to expect. But, the writer’s room of Ted Lasso has instead continued on with their track record of surprising viewers when it comes to the secret identity of Rebecca’s mysterious beau.

At the end of today’s episode, Rebecca’s phone was laying on her bed and a new message from LDN152 popped up on the screen. A slick scene transition then switched over to show LDN152 holding his phone, looking down at the message that he just sent Bossgirl. With the Greyhounds animatedly singing “Jumpman” in the backseat beside him, LDN152’s identity is revealed to be none other than Sam Obisanya. The AFC Richmond player’s last message to Rebecca, following her request to just admit who he is, was a suggestion that they should finally meet.

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Well, that was unexpected. It remains to be seen what will happen when Rebecca and Sam finally realize they’ve been happily chatting with one another in anonymous bliss … but we can guarantee it’ll be awkward!

Stay tuned for our continued coverage of Ted Lasso season 2, including weekly episodic recaps, and catch the next episode on Friday, September 3 exclusively on Apple TV+.

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