‘Riverdale’ Recap: Season 5, Episode 12 “Chapter Eighty-Eight: Citizen Lodge”

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The name Hiram Lodge can make anyone in Riverdale scared, or more confident. In this week’s episode, we learn all about him and how he became the man he is today. Just how did Jaime Luna become Hiram Lodge? Meanwhile, Reggie is dealing with his own Daddy issues. Keep reading to find out about all the moments from “Chapter Eighty-Eight: Citizen Lodge.”

Introducing Jaime Luna

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“Michael Corleone. Tony Soprano. Scarface. All ruthless gangsters. All heroes of their own story. And every hero has an origin story. Including Hiram Lodge.”

Yes, the time has come where we learn how Jaime Luna became Hiram Lodge, the man who would literally destroy the Town of Riverdale. It all begins when Hiram starts to tell Reggie about his relationship with his own father, beginning in New York in 1988 when a young Jaime and his father, Javier, were shoe shiners. That is when they are both introduced to palladium, and their lives change after finding out about its Riverdale connections.

Jaime, his father, and his mother move to Riverdale and his father got a job at a mine where palladium is. After six months, though, the mine collapsed and shut down. The three of them stayed in town to make their American Dream come true, Hiram says. Jaime’s mother served tables at Pop’s, while he and his father went back to shoe shining outside of the diner. After a costumer tips Jaime a hefty tip, he tells him if he is ever looking for a job to see him. Though Javier warns him of his gangster tricks.

Jaime, desperate to be with Hermione, finds the gangster to get money and respect. His name is Vittorio Alto, or Vito for short. He starts working for Vito, who seems like a good guy, but a lot can change in a short amount of time. Some time passes and he finally scores that date with Hermione. Jaime gets arrested during their date at Pop’s. Hermione shows up at Vito’s and asks for help. He bails out Jaime and although he doesn’t mention it, it does seem like a “You owe me” type deal. This will make Jaime want to do something different with his life, to turn it around and really do something with it.

His Name is Lodge, Hiram Lodge

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No origin story is complete without finding out how the “hero” got his current name. Jaime tells Hermione that he’s done living in someone else’s shadows. He’s going to change his name. At first he wanted it to be Hiram Lott, because he’s going to have a lot in life. While Hermione loves Hiram since it’s nice, strong, and unique, Lott doesn’t fit. She suggests Lodge and Hiram doesn’t disapprove of it.

Hiram’s father is not so keen on his son’s name change, telling him it’s dishonest and criminal. He later pleads with Vito to stay away from his son, though it doesn’t fair too well, as Javier gets killed in front of Pop’s. At the funeral, a young Penelope Blossom suggests to Hermione that Hiram is a gangster, which is why he’s been able to get so much money. Hermione doesn’t listen to it, though.

After Hiram “takes care” of some business, he takes over for Vito as he’s left town. “From that day forward, I was Riverdale’s new boss.” Hiram quickly moves up in the world. Once Veronica was born, he and Hermione moved to New York, and the rest is history.

Unfinished Business

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The reason that Hiram returned to Riverdale? Palladium, of course. The vein of palladium that his prison stands over. Hiram made his prisoners dig for it but now the vein is tapped. However, he found one underneath the Blossom Maple Groves. Hiram tells Reggie that if he fails, all he’s worked for in Riverdale will be for nothing.

“I will not let that happen. I will finish what my father began.”

Now this wouldn’t be too concerning, only that Cheryl has made it clear before that she is, by no means, giving up her Groves. Hiram tells Reggie he wants him to take him somewhere, to visit an old friend. The man who murdered his father. When he finds Vittorio in his room, Hiram tells him he’s been looking for him for a long time. His luck finally turned. Hiram places a pillow over Vito’s face and shoots him. He later gets a call from Hermosa, which reveals that she was in on the plan for Vito, even finding him, as well as the palladium. Hiram vows he’ll get back everything he’s lost.

I just have one question after all this: Why are half the parents in Riverdale killers?

“This Isn’t My Dream. It’s Yours.”

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If I had a penny for every time I heard the “This isn’t my dream. It’s yours” trope in a movie or television show, I’d almost be rich. After paying off his father’s debt to Hiram, Reggie has decided to come to the dark side and work for the mayor full time. However, this means leaving his family’s business, Mantle Motors. Reggie’s father, Marty, isn’t fond of hearing this news, especially after Reggie had just stepped in on his client and sold him a car.

Reggie finally has the courage to stand up to his father, and even brings up the fact that he beat him in high school. If one can’t remember, there was a particular storyline not too long ago in which it was revealed that Marty was beating Reggie, especially after football games. What about their dream to be partners? It’s Marty’s dream, not Reggie’s. He is working for Hiram. However, Marty pleads with Hiram to not let Reggie work for him. Reggie is not so happy about the fact that his father went to see Hiram and he soon completely separates himself from Marty.

At the end of the episode, Hiram tells Reggie he no longer needs him. Reggie tells him he wants what he has, but Hiram tells him if he could go back and shine shoes with his father for a few more years, he’d do it in a heartbeat. Reggie’s dad is paid and Hiram is giving him an out. Reggie meets his dad at Mantle Motors and Marty admits he’s ashamed. He’s never done right by him. But he wants to start. Will Reggie finally turn his life around and not be such a horrible person to the people he went to high school with? It’s hard to tell, but this could be the start of something new.

Out of Context Moments

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And now for some out of context moments to account for, well, all of the craziness that goes on in Riverdale. Surprisingly, the moments this episode were somewhat tame, but it was still pretty wild.

  • Javier Luna gets killed in a drive-by shooting at Pop’s.
  • A young Hiram Lodge goes on a killing spree.
  • A current Hiram avenges his father’s death by shooting the man responsible.
  • Hermosa is an accessory to murder, courtesy of her father.

We finally know Hiram’s origin story, but will this be the end of it? His story shall go on forever. Check out photos from next week’s Riverdale here. New episodes air Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT on The CW!

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