‘Roswell: New Mexico’: The Biggest Reveals from Season 3, Episode 3 “Black Hole Sun”


It wouldn’t be an episode of Roswell, New Mexico if fans didn’t receive several shocking moments and that’s exactly what we got in episode 3, “Black Hole Sun.” From more information on the ongoing murder mystery to Isobel’s true powers to big relationship moments, this episode had it all. Let’s break down the biggest moments from the episode!

Isobel is an Empath

John Golden Britt/The CW

Over the seasons we’ve watched Isobel’s powers evolve, beginning with primarily mind control but branching out she started training herself last season. When she visits Jones in his cage, her abilities are finally given a name. Isobel is an empath. Jones might be a conniving alien that can’t be trusted but he does answer a few questions we’ve been dying to know more about. According to Jones, Isobel’s mother was also an empath and the Dictator employed her. Her abilities allowed her to warn him about a potential enemy’s strengths and weaknesses.

“Empathy is about acknowledging what’s yours and what isn’t. Like a candle, what makes it burn? When you see the flame, find the wick. Find the source.”

Armed with this knowledge, Isobel tests out her enhanced abilities (thanks to a turquoise stone Michael found that enhances an alien’s abilities) on both Maria and Michael.

Murder Mystery

John Golden Britt/The CW

The murder mystery continues. Maria, Isobel, Michael, and Max find the location of the funeral, and it’s definitely not a church. The only person who’d have a funeral there is “someone who wouldn’t be caught dead in a church,” according to Isobel. The gang deduces the following:

  1. Alex states that he’s covering up the murder making it likely alien related. Max may leave a handprint, the murder victim is an alien, OR an alien commits the crime.
  2. Isobel and Max’s parents’ funerals would be in a church as would the Ortechos who are catholic. The gang concludes that this leaves Michael as the murder victim.
  3. Maria saw sunflowers on the casket. Michael reveals that he and Sanders are growing sunflowers for the Garden Festival.
  4. Maria hums a song she heard and Michael knows it immediately. It’s a song Sanders hums often, one he learned as a child.
  5. In her vision, Maria believes she saw snow on someone’s jacket meaning they at least have time. However, the end of the episode shows thick ash falling which looks like snow.
  6. Maria hears a man say if the Sheriff’s Department had responded the day he filed a complaint nothing would have happened. This sets Max on research recon.

These all seem logical until the last 2 minutes of the episode where Gregory brushes falling ash from Maria’s shoulder. Ash that looks a lot like snow. And of course, it’s revealed that the church has burned down, widening the potential murder victim pool to … well everyone.

Kyle Gives Liz a Wake Up Call

John Golden Britt/The CW

Liz asks Kyle to accompany her to the burnt lab where she finds the charcoal remains of Noah’s brain and collects her sample. She’s hoping to get a sample of Max’s blood from Kyle, but Kyle isn’t letting Liz off the hook with everything that happened nor will he be breaking any ethics violations by handing over that sample. After learning of Max’s failing heart from Maria, Liz later storms Kyle’s office demanding answers and justifying her anger at Max for torching her lab. Kyle gives her the wake-up call she rightfully deserves:

“You used his DNA, Liz, without telling him. He didn’t put you here. You did when you decided to put science about everything else. Success at any cost has a cost, and you never stopped to consider it.”

She’ll have to face up to what she’s done eventually, and though she only wanted to save lives, Kyle tells her point-blank that it doesn’t make her actions right. We cheered as Kyle put up a firm boundary with Liz (and later Max), and he will no longer be a go-between for them. Before storming off he drops another bombshell, “Ask Max about his other secret. The one in the desert.”

Alex and Michael Finally Talk

John Golden Britt/The CW

It took three episodes but we finally got a face-to-face between Michael and Alex and it went about as well as we’d expect between the alien who learned he’s going to die and the ex-military man with a new mission. Would it even be a Roswell episode if that interaction didn’t happen at the drive-in movie? Of course not. Michael gives Alex a piece of the turquoise that resonates with alien tech because he won’t be around once he’s murdered. Alex scoffs at his nonchalant attitude and Michael’s acceptance of his “genocidal maniac father.” Alex makes sure to point out that if Michael is his father that makes Alex just like Jesse Manes.

“There’s not some special set of rules that apply just to you. You decide who you are. If you give up, it is on you.”

This exchange not only tugs at our heartstrings and gives Michael the tough love he so often needs to hear, but we also get some insight into the murder mystery. Alex tells Michael that it can’t be Michael’s death, because in Maria’s vision Alex says he’s covering up a murder.

“If it were you, I would not cover it up. I would burn the entire world down first.”

We’re not ready to completely pull Michael off the Possible Murder Victim list, but with a declaration like that, there’s a very good chance he might be safe after all.

Max and Liz Almost Clear the Air

John Golden Britt/The CW

It wouldn’t be a Roswell movie night if we didn’t have a couple heart to hearts between estranged characters. After learning the truth of his failing heart from Maria and Kyle, Liz finds Max to apologize.

“I was so afraid of who I was without the groundbreaking research, I forgot about the other part. The important part. It’s you.”

Liz apologizes for overstepping with her research, for not stopping when Max asked her to. In turn, Max apologizes for burning down the lab but Liz understands his reasons. If we set aside the About To Die Again for Max and the Are They Dating Or Not for Liz and her lab partner, the reunion is almost a heart-wrenchingly sweet moment. Liz confesses she thinks of Max every day, but Max shockingly pushes her away. “You can’t be a part of my life anymore.” Max quickly drives away before Liz can respond. Naturally, that prompts Liz to speed out of Roswell that very same night.

Max Confronts Jones

John Golden Britt/The CW

Isobel and Michael finally tell Max that they finished the cage and Jones is now out of the pod. Max “confront my demons” Evans charges straight over to the cave to demand answers. He’s felt a pull to Jones who explains they are bound together. Max puts his foot down and demands he make it stop, he chooses his family and Liz over this connection with Jones. However, Jones continues to hammer him with information and manipulations as Max’s agitated state affects the equipment maintaining the cage around Jones. Jones explains:

“When Nora and Louise stole a piece of me to build you they created a wound so deep it can only be healed when we are together. Apart we are weak, alone we are dead, together we…”

Max cuts him off but it’s too late. His racing heart has fried the equipment and Jones throws him across the cave, knocking Max out. Jones is free.

Roswell, New Mexico airs Mondays on The CW.

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