‘Dynasty’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 13 “Go Rescue Someone Else”

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Fallon tracks down Liam and rescues him, Cristal undergoes surgery and the biggest question of the season gets an answer, who is inside of that casket? Read on to find out what happens in episode 13 of season 4 of Dynasty, “Go Rescue Someone Else.”

The episode opens with the funeral again. Only this time, we’re going to get to the bottom of who it is for.

Flashback to three days prior, Fallon wakes and touches Liam’s side of the bed, only to find out he’s not there. Naturally, she calls him but he doesn’t answer — he’s a little preoccupied being tied up by kidnappers. The boss comes in, and it’s senator North’s chief of staff, Katie. She has had all of the evidence from Liam’s cloud deleted, so the only thing left to do is handle Liam. After she gets ahold of his computer.

Jeff is having coffee with Nolan Jamison, another business mogul. He’s seeking to buy out his entire company. Nolan isn’t ready to give it all up just yet, and remarks on Jeff’s marriage to Alexis. Jeff offers to have Alexis join them for drinks later that evening, and Nolan agrees.

Cristal is in the hospital recovering with Blake by her side. Adam has her lab results in hand, stating the tumor is pressing on her brain, which caused the fainting. Blake thinks that’s a little obvious, and Adam says things will only get worse from here. With her vitals stable, they have time to wait for the tumor to shrink enough to operate.

Fallon is angrily making her breakfast in the kitchen when Anders points out she hasn’t done that since she burned down the pantry with her Easy Bake Oven in 1999 trying to make eggs florentine. She tells him Liam never came home after meeting with a second informant. Anders tries to reassure Fallon, but she’s not worried … she’s angry. Fallon asks for updates on Kirby. Anders believes he made the right decision. When she is ready, he will be there for her. Suddenly, Fallon gets an incoming call from Liam’s phone. It’s from Liam, and he asks her to drop off his computer to him, but she gets a hint that makes her realize he’s been taken.

Adam ends his call with Dr. Scott, who agreed to fly to Atlanta and do a consult with Cristal once her vacation is over. Blake is angry that Adam would keep secrets from him. Oh, and if she dies? He’s blaming it all on Adam.

Jeff is visiting Alexis to try and sway her to go to drinks with him and Nolan. She isn’t budging. When he tells her he has a six-figure necklace on hold for her, suddenly she’s on board.

Leo is preparing to start renovations on the hotel when Sam and Culhane walk in. They offer him a generous amount of money if they pack up and leave, no strings attached. But what kind of person would Leo be if he backed out now? So the renovations continue. And he’s going to use the hotel as a money-laundering front.

Fallon and Anders arrive at the last known location of Liam. Anders discovers a broach that Fallon says belongs to a rare handbag. She recalls the senator’s chief of staff had it the night before at the party.

Blake has brought a cart of goodies to Cristal, including her favorite tea. He accidentally spills some on her hand, but she’s insistent it doesn’t burn, even though it was scalding hot. Adam tells them the tumor is pressing on her spinal cord causing focal neurological symptoms. They don’t have days to get the tumor out anymore, they have hours. Adam rushes to call Dr. Scott and Blake hurries to the jet to pick her up himself.

Sam and Culhane get a visit from the IRS. A former employee sent in a tip that not all the receipts are in the books. Leo looks livid and takes a break with his crew. Sam and Culhane called the fraud tip on themselves, so they shouldn’t find anything wrong because the books are legit.

Wilford Harewood/The CW

Fallon rings Liam to find out where exactly he is, and she sees him and Katie inside of a room. They have a brief chat and exchange an “I love you” before Katie quickly hangs up. Fallon runs inside to set Liam free when she is hit in the face by one of Katie’s henchmen.

Oliver and Kirby are stuck in a sketchy apartment due to their money running low. Oliver suggests they leave Atlanta and head back to Australia where nobody can judge them or bother them for what they do.

Alexis, Jeff, and Nolan are all out for drinks. Nolan doesn’t want to talk business, especially with Alexis there. Jeff leaves and lets Alexis sweeten the deal herself.

Blake and Dr. Scott are on the private jet back to Atlanta when a storm rages through and things get turbulent. The pilot gets knocked out cold, so Blake has no choice but to fly the jet himself.

Adam and Cristal are waiting for Dr. Scott and Blake to return. She asks if he was able to get ahold of her father. Adam says yes, he sent an email saying he accepts her forgiveness. She tells Adam she wants him and Blake to make things right with each other before she flatlines and passes out. Adam calls for the paddles so they can start resuscitation.

Katie begins to break one of Liam’s fingers when Anders interrupts and gives her the “laptop” and says the police are on the way. Katie thinks that’s a bluff, but once their backs are turned Anders gets Fallon and Liam untied before the computer explodes when opened, knocking Katie down. Anders grabs the gun and aims it at her.

With Blake and Dr. Scott still not at the hospital, Adam has no choice but to rush her into surgery and do the procedure himself. Suddenly, Dr. Scott walks in to perform the surgery and has Adam stay in the room to help her.

Culhane has just gotten off the phone with the IRS when Leo walks in. The case is apparently closed, and Culhane and Sam have him to thank. Leo knows what they did, breaking a wine bottle and holding it to Culhane’s neck.

Fallon apologizes to Liam for not believing him, however, he’s just glad Katie will finally have to pay after all this time.

Meanwhile, Alexis fills Jeff in on what happened, that the plan went accordingly. She wrote down all the company secrets Nolan divulged to her on napkins and hands them over to Jeff.

Cristal is out of surgery. Dr. Scott is confident she was able to retrieve all of the tumor from her brain. She thanks him for contacting her father, but it’s time for Adam to fess up. He never actually got a response when he contacted him. He wanted Cristal to have peace before she went into surgery, and he knew she would be able to do it herself.

Anders is on his way to the hospital to visit Cristal when the flowers he has for her fall off the seat. He attempts to pick them up for her, but he gets a pain in his ribs. He nearly runs into another car when he has to quickly veer off the road, crashing into a pole, dying.

Everyone is at the funeral to pay their respects. They all toss their flowers in with him. When it’s Blake’s turn, he stares inside. As everyone is leaving, Adam catches Blake and asks him if he’s okay. Blake’s not sure it set in yet for him, it’s like losing another father. They both apologize to each other. Adam says after seeing Cristal get upset about her father, he doesn’t want anything like that to happen to them. Blake promises it won’t, thanking Adam as they embrace.

Wilford Harewood/The CW

Sam and Culhane are talking about Anders. Sam says just when they fix everything with Leo, this happens. Culhane pulls back, Sam taking notice and asks if they really fixed the problem. Culhane says he got in contact with the IRS, and they dropped the case. Fallon and Liam approach, asking if anyone has heard from Kirby. They don’t know how they’re going to tell her. Fallon says they have to find her first.

Alexis gets a call from Oliver, who says Kirby is a mess. He’s on his way to get on a plane ,but she isn’t able to speak at the moment. He tells her she needs to clean up the mess, texting her the address.

Alexis tells Fallon and Sam she knows where Kirby is. They head over to the apartment where they find her unconscious with barely a pulse. Fallon is instructed to call 9-1-1, but everything is crashing in on her at that moment.

Dynasty airs Friday nights at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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