‘Ted Lasso’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 1 “Goodbye, Earl”

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Welcome back AFC Richmond fans! The Greyhounds are back with their fearless leader Coach Ted Lasso as they try and win their way back to the English Premier League after their relegating loss in the season 1 finale.

The Greyhounds have begun their season with seven straight draws. After a penalty, Dani Rojas lines up for a penalty kick. Will this break the curse of the draw? No. No, it won’t. It will however break Rojas as his shot collides with the Greyhounds’ faithful mascot, Earl, who took off in pursuit of a pesky pigeon. Oh god …

Twitter is losing their minds over it and Keeley makes sure to let Rebecca and Higgins know ahead of Ted’s post-game press conference. Trent Crimm of The Independent comes in with the hot question about Earl and Ted does what he does best, answer a tough question with a tooth-rottingly endearing story.

It’s funny to think about the things in your life that can make you cry just knowing that they existed can then become the same thing that makes you cry knowing that they’re now gone. I think those things come into our lives to help us get from one place to a better one.

Ted closes out saying that he hopes Dani isn’t being too hard on himself, but that isn’t the case … Dani has been standing fully clothed in front of the shower washing the death off of himself for 20 minutes praying very rapidly in Spanish.

When Ted, Beard, and Nate get back into Ted’s office, Ted gets a text with a photo of his son wearing five ties, and Ted blames himself for the team’s tie streak. He thinks it’s karma for finally praying for a tie in the game against Man City last season.

Then, the new kit manager, Will, knocks and asks to head home early for the day to celebrate his mom’s 50th birthday, but Nate gives him a hard time, earning some questioning looks from both Ted and Beard. Nate tells them they’ve got to stay on top of everyone, keep the pressure on.

Keeley played by Juno Temple sits on a leather couch with a drink
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In Rebecca’s office, Ted, Keeley, Higgins, and Rebecca are mulling over their tie situation, Dani’s state, and Earl. They toast to Earl and as Higgins leaves Rebecca gets a message from her new beau. She and Keeley make plans for a double date next week, and then Ted asks about Roy.

Ted has left a ticket at will-call for Roy every week (under an alias of a famous female musician), but he hasn’t shown yet. Keeley tells him not to worry, he’s just been busy with his new coaching job.

The coaching job? His niece, Phoebe’s, soccer team. A bunch of 8-year-olds and Roy Kent are meshing as well as you’d expect, the girls learning new vulgar phrases and some new soccer moves to boot. Keeley picks them both up and they all go to grab a hot chocolate, and there Keeley lets Roy know about their double date plans.

The season is over next week and Keeley asks Roy what his plans are after it’s done. Maybe he’s going to see some old friends? Like, his AFC Richmond friends … But Roy is all set with his new crew, the yoga mums.

Sky Sports has reached out to Keeley a few times, they have an opportunity for Roy, an opportunity he has no interest in. He tells her the last good idea she had for him ended up with him making a fool of himself, and she reminds him that his retirement ceremony was beautiful! He tells her he doesn’t want to be a pundit in a suit on television.

Dani Rojas and Ted Lasso in sunglasses walk on the football pitch in conversation
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Things are not going well for Rojas. He’s having nightmares about football, and suddenly his always optimistic “Football is life” is now “Football is death.” Uh oh.

The nightmares are becoming reality as Dani can’t make a penalty shot. Not one. Ted tries to give him a classic Ted-talk and sets him at the corner for a corner kick. Instead of the ball making it near the goal, it soars right into Ted’s back end. Guess that chat didn’t quite pep.

Higgins and Nate are introduced to the concept of “the yips.” (Don’t say it out loud!) The yips are when an athlete can no longer do the basic fundamentals of their sport. Higgins recommends a sports psychologist, and even through his apprehension at the thought, Ted agrees.

On their double date later that night, Keeley and Roy are suffering through Rebecca’s date, John’s, stories. Keeley tells them about Roy’s offer from Sky Sports and they all urge him to take the job.

Ted Lasso and Coach Beard at dinner toasting with their beers
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Also out to dinner that night is Ted and Beard and their usual spot. Ted airs his concerns about bringing an outsider in to help with Dani. He doesn’t trust therapists, he had a bad experience with one going through couple’s therapy with Michelle. Beard reassures him not everyone is the same, however.

After their double date, Rebecca asks Keeley and Roy what they thought about John. Keeley approves, but Roy doesn’t. Roy says he’s fine, but is fine enough? Does fine deserve Rebecca? Or does Rebecca deserve someone who makes her feel like she was “struck by f*cking lightning?” Roy says the latter. Don’t settle for fine.

Nate, Higgins, Beard, and Ted are introduced to Dr. Sharon Fieldston in Ted's office
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it’s back to work for the Greyhounds and Higgins has brought Dr. Sharon Fieldstone into the coach’s office for an introduction. And she is no-nonsense. It doesn’t quite mesh well with Ted’s some-nonsense approach to life. Higgins offers her his office to work in and then Ted brings Dani up to see her right away. Higgins sets up an office in the hallway, his trusty plant and all.

Rebecca is out with John again for coffee, but Roy’s words have clearly gotten to her. She talks through her racing thoughts about the fear of dating and how she’s ever going to find someone to feel safe and loved with? John takes the hint, asking if she’s breaking up with him, and indeed she is.

At practice that same day, Dani jogs out of the locker room onto the pitch with a pep back in his step. Dr. Fieldstone comes out to watch as Dani joins his teammates and lines up a corner kick. It soars right into the goal.

Rojas is back! And football is life!

When Ted goes up to thank Sharon for helping Dani, she’s got a line of players waiting to meet her. He hadn’t been expecting that.

It’s yoga mums night! Roy chats with Keeley on the phone before settling down with his group. They turn on the television for a night of reality TV watching Lust Conquers All featuring none other than Jamie Tartt.

Tune in next Friday, July 30 for episode 2 of Ted Lasso exclusively on Apple TV+! Also, be sure to follow along for our episodic recaps and more throughout the season!

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