En Garde: ‘Fena: Pirate Princess’ Arrives This August

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Premiering on Adult Swim and Crunchyroll on Saturday, August 14 with a two episode premiere is Fena: Pirate Princess. This original animated series was created and directed by Kazuto Nakazawa with Production I.G. serving as the animation studio. It follows the high seas journey of Fena Houtman as she evades pirates and other dangers with the assistance of her Japanese samurai crew. Along the way they will work together to unlock her family secrets. This series will captivate viewers who have a love for pirate, samurai, and Shojo manga storytelling.


Below is the official description for the series:

“Fena Houtman remembers little about her childhood. Orphaned and raised as a servant in a brothel, her life changes when she escapes to an island of pirates, where she discovers the truth behind her family. With Fena being the only one able to unlock her family’s secrets, and a formidable crew of female pirates on her tail, she must take her place as captain of her Samurai crew for a high seas adventure!”

Adult Swim will air the English dubbed series in North America. Crunchyroll will stream the subtitled series worldwide outside of Japan. Check out the trailer below and make sure to tune it on August 14 to follow the adventures of Fena and her samurai crew.

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