Tuesday, March 28, 2023

‘Roswell, New Mexico’: New Featurette Gives Clues About Season 3!

THE CWROSWELL, NEW MEXICO'Roswell, New Mexico': New Featurette Gives Clues About Season 3!

We’re just weeks away from touching back down in Roswell with the season 3 premiere of Roswell, New Mexico and the latest featurette released by The CW gives some clues as to what we can expect for season 3!

Most notably, there will be a one year time jump from the end of season 2. Liz has been in LA with Rosa, and Max seems to be throwing himself into everything Roswell has to offer … including bull riding. (I suppose that’s his own cowboy way of dealing with his feelings over Liz leaving Roswell yet again.) “We come back and the characters are all living normal lives for once,” says Lily Cowles. Meanwhile, Alex has been away to deal with Project Shepard and is returning to Roswell. His dating Forrest will throw a wrench in the on-again-off-again relationship that he and Michael have had since the very first episode of season 1!

Check out the featurette below for all the hints of what’s to come.

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Roswell, New Mexico returns for its season 3 premiere on The CW, Monday, July 26.

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