‘Superman & Lois’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 12 “Through the Valley of Death”

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After a short break, Superman & Lois returned tonight with an all-new episode, “Through the Valley of Death.” Read on to find out everything that happens.

The episode opens with John at the Metropolis Institute of Art waiting for someone. He heads back into his camper and he’s seen trying to track down his younger sister … Earth Prime’s version, anyway.

Clark is still trapped in Tal-Rho’s lair, trying to break him down to nothing. As a last-ditch effort, Clark once again tries to reason with his brother, but it doesn’t work. Lois and the boys are worried, as much as she tries to reassure them he will be okay.

As the boys get sent to bed, Sam shows up with news from the DoD. He wants to investigate the Fortress, but Lois knows he isn’t there and mentions Edge has one as well, in the desert. She begins to cry and the two of them embrace.

At the Cushings’ residence, Lana asks Kyle how he’s feeling about heading back to work, despite all the tests that he needs. At the door, a member of the staff mentions that others are worried because he vouched for Edge. She suggests he take a few days off to let it blow over.

On the farm, Jon and Jordan are waiting to hear about their dad. They think they may be able to find him themselves, however. Jon believes that Jordan will be able to hone in his hearing to find Clark. John shows up and meets with Sam and Lois. They need his help to come up with a rescue plan. He notes that because he was signaled, Clark knows there is a high chance he can be changed. Irons will need to put him down by any means necessary.

Bettina Strauss/The CW

Lois tries to put a stop to that right away, and Sam tries to reason with John also. Lois doesn’t think it’s too late, but Irons knows that eventually he will be turned. As Lois storms out, Sam tells him that he has gathered every weapon against 7734, just in case. 

Meanwhile, Jon and Jordan are trying all they can to locate their dad with superhearing. Jon gives his brother the pep talk he needs to get the job done. Irons shows off his rocket that could, in theory, eradicate Superman. However, the last time he tried to use it he wasn’t able to complete the job before he ended up on Earth Prime.

Lana and Kyle are in the midst of being blamed for what happened. Lois overhears and tells them they aren’t the reason this is happening, it’s Edge’s fault. Lois asks if they have any memory of what it felt like to be a Subjekt. Kyle says he was able to fight back, but there was overwhelming darkness beneath it all.

Clark is beginning to lose control over himself for good as his memories flash before his eyes. He tries once more to fight out as Jordan finally makes contact. Edge interrupts hearing them talking. He threatens them, if anyone shows up for Clark they won’t find him.

John Diggle shows up, telling Lois her father needed “special tech” so they sent him over. Lois puts two and two together and storms into the room where Sam is. Diggle is just as mad, saying that he never would have agreed. Lois also tells them it’s possible to fight against the eradication. Jon and Jordan rush in needing to speak to their mother immediately. 

At the Cushings’, they return to find their home defaced. As much as Lana says they will fix this, Kyle gets heated — they just wanted to do what was right. Lana reminds them that they are stronger together.

Jon and Jordan don’t want to tell Lois and Sam about what Edge said but they have to. Sam doesn’t have the resources to fight a Kryptonian army, so when they are located, he’s sending Irons in. Lois pulls John aside to chat. She finally tells him that Superman is her husband.

Bettina Strauss/The CW

John is taken aback by the truth, but Lois knows it’s important to tell him that he has a family to fight for. But John says this doesn’t change anything. Irons notes he has a responsibility to do the right thing, and he won’t hesitate.

Lana and Sarah are hard at work cleaning up the house. Kyle comes in to help and teases the both of them, saying it’ll take some paint thinner and a little “American muscle.” Sarah sprays him with the hose and they have a good old water fight. 

Clark is tiring quickly when finally the change takes over. Just then the tracker goes off and they pin Clark in the desert. John is setting up the rocket but Jon interrupts him. He tells him all about the videos he saw in his camper. They both tear up, and Irons says he wishes there was another way but Jon tells him there’s always another way. 

As John lands, Superman joins him and takes him down. The both of them have ended up in space and he sends John to Earth. Sam reminds him that he’s able to retaliate, but Lois says they only have that one missile. If they don’t get through to Clark to stop Edge they’ll both be dead. Lois gets on the line and says he needs to remind him of who he is. John knocks him out and is ready to fire his rocket. Clark is still conscious and trying to fight it, but he can’t fight it for long. John says he’s there to help. He has a chance to fight and not lose his family, so he needs to fight back. His memories come washing over him as he desperately tries to cling to everything he has left. It seems to have worked. John helps him up and tells them he’s back.

Edge overhears everything, telling his father that he’s (Zod) gone for good. His father insists that it’s time to finish what he was sent to do. John and Superman are hot on his tail and they’re nearly in range to fire the missile. John heads up and tells Superman to stay back. But Edge is quick to the punch. Superman won’t let him have the last word though as he punches him to keep him down. 

Lois, Jon, and Jordan are waiting at home for Clark to show. Jordan hears him coming and they all rush down the stairs. Lois embraces him and they share a kiss, then he heads for his boys. They ask how he broke free, and he says he remembered who he was fighting for. John shows up and the boys look slightly terrified, but they formally meet. John tells them Edge is in a military prison and he won’t be getting out. Lois asks if he wants to stay for dinner but he says he has to wrap things up with Sam, and family time is sacred. They’ve definitely earned it.

Clark Kent: “Hey.”

Lois Lane: “Hey yourself.”

Sam says Leslie is still MIA, but she should be in custody soon. Sam tries to apologize for what he said, but Lois knows he was just doing his job. But he insists that she never gave up and persisted, even when all bets were against Clark.

In the prison, Edge’s eyes flash as his father’s voice echoes, “do what you were sent here for.”

Superman & Lois airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. Check out our other coverage here.

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