‘Ted Lasso’ Season 2 Spoiler-Free Review: The Greyhounds Are Back Better Than Ever

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Welcome back AFC Richmond fans, Ted Lasso and the Greyhounds are back for season 2!

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Jason Sudeikis and his team have returned to Apple TV+ to deliver another season of the award-winning series Ted Lasso. Season 1 brought in critical acclaim and the gold to prove it as the underdog series took the world by storm. Ahead of the season 2 premiere, Apple let the first six episodes out of the locker room for review.

Ted Lasso has been dubbed the most wholesome show on television thanks to Sudeikis’ portrayal of the endearing and optimistic coach and season 2 is no different. He enters the AFC Richmond facility once again ready with his witty one-liners and positive Ted-isms that made us fall in love with the mustached coach in the first place. However, this season has set up to bring Ted another round of emotional turmoil.

Last season, Ted faced the impossibly difficult situation of living overseas from his estranged wife and young son, with his wife later asking for a divorce. And if we know Ted, we know that he isn’t taking this well no matter how well he seems to be masking it. The writers haven’t forgotten this either, and Ted is going to have to lasso up and face the music at some point.

Our favorite couple is back and better than ever. Keeley and Roy are as charming as ever, with Roy being grumpier and somehow even more likeable because of it. These two are one of television’s greatest couples, I won’t be taking questions. Rebecca, Higgins, Nate, and Coach Beard round out the Richmond crew, and they’re all ready to face new obstacles in the pursuit of getting Richmond back into the Premier League, as well as their own personal lives. Also, we haven’t seen the end of Jamie Tartt, and dare I say I’ve thoroughly enjoyed him in these first six episodes.

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There is a newcomer this season as well, Sharon the sports psychologist played by Sarah Niles. She heads in to sort a few things out, and she is a stellar opposite to Sudeikis’ Lasso. The addition of Sharon also adds an element not often seen in media portrayals: the psychological toll of professional sports on the players, coaches, and even the staff.

While Ted Lasso does just about everything right, if there is one thing they excel in, it’s character exploration. They’ve never shied away from putting any of their main players through the ringer, forcing them to grow, or gifting them with beautiful moments to celebrate. While the show may be a comedy, for all intents and purposes, the beautiful character arcs are not something that is sacrificed for a punchline. This still rings true throughout the first half of the new season as our characters further explore where season 1 left them.

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The show remains a much needed escape from the cold, hard world some may find themselves surrounded by. And this season has even given us an additional two episodes to enjoy with the finale coming at episode 12 instead of 10. Season 2 is bringing the same magic we experienced in season 1, but perhaps even a bit more now that we’ve gotten to know and fall in love with Richmond’s finest. The storytelling is soaring straight into the back of the net so far, and I don’t see a penalty being called on it anytime soon. So sit back, relax, and enjoy AFC Richmond and the Greyhounds as they again tug on our heartstrings and strum a beautiful song.

Bonus, there’s a Christmas episode this season, and make sure to clear some space on your holiday tradition watch list to add this episode. It’s everything we all wanted it to be and more.

Ted Lasso season 2 premieres Friday, July 23 with new episodes releasing every Friday exclusively on Apple TV+. Be sure to keep up with our coverage, including episodic recaps throughout the season!

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