Thursday, March 30, 2023

Watch the Official Trailer for ‘No Man of God’ Starring Elijah Wood

MOVIESWatch the Official Trailer for 'No Man of God' Starring Elijah Wood

No Man of God tells the true story of notorious serial killer Ted Bundy and his complicated relationship with FBI agent Bill Hagmaier. In the years leading up to Bundy’s execution, the incarcerated serial killer agreed to sit down and discuss the details of his crimes, but only with one man: Agent Hagmaier.

The trailer for No Man of God introduces the audience to Hagmaier (Elijah Wood) as he sits down with Ted Bundy (Luke Kirby) and goes on a dark and twisted journey into the infamous serial killer’s mind.

No Man of God stars Elijah Wood, Luke Kirby, Aleksa Palladino, and Robert Patrick. It was written by Kit Lesser and directed by Amber Sealey. The film will be available in theaters and on-demand and digital on August 27, 2021.

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