‘Paranormal X Road’ Is A New Approach to Paranormal TV


Paranormal X Road is an all-female team that “brings peace to those experiencing the paranormal.” Through their work and interviews, they listen to the people affected by paranormal occurrences and help explore and bring clarity to both the living and the dead. They are finding a peaceful resolution and understanding to these unique events.

It features Kitsie Duncan, a renowned paranormal researcher, author, and podcaster; acclaimed spirit medium Tiffany Rice; and spiritualist and media personality KJ McGlinn. They are on a journey to find real evidence and solve paranormal mysteries.

Yesterday, their Kickstarter campaign went live, and before the day was through, they reached the halfway mark of their goal to do an entire season of their paranormal TV show for viewers to enjoy. There are various backing tiers and perks available, from getting a shout-out, digital wallpaper, early access to seeing your name in the credits, and being on the show.

The women of Paranormal X Road will also be present at Indianapolis PopCon for a live show on July 9, 2021. KJ and Kitsie will be on the stage with the people from their recent investigation to share findings and evidence, along with Tiffany who will give readings. Later, Tiffany will be on stage to do an intimate reading with a limited audience. It is an evening you won’t want to miss. You can get your tickets here.

Watch a preview of Paranormal X Road below!

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