‘Love, Victor’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 3 “There’s No Gay in Team”

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Victor is finally out to the school, but it’s not quite what he expected. Mia continues talking with Tyler, and Lake learns more about Felix. Meanwhile, Armando gives PFLAG a chance, and another familiar Simonverse face returns. Read on to find out what happened in “There’s No Gay in Team.”

The episode opens with Victor messaging Simon about how people have begun treating him differently, as we see him walk through school receiving unwarranted opinions and people asking him for advice. Eventually, Coach Ford summons Victor into his office. He mentions hearing about the announcement and is happy for Victor. He also wants Victor to feel comfortable on the team, offering him a space to change and shower away from the rest of the team, which Victor declines. Coach admits that he received complaints and only wants to keep everyone happy. He asks Victor to consider it and leaves before Victor can respond.

Mia works in the art room while she FaceTimes with Tyler. He asks why she’s not at the college’s art studio and she quickly answers and switches to asking about the sketch he’s working on. Lake enters and Mia silently indicates she’s talking to Tyler. She asks about his plans for later, and he extends an invite to a party. Mia says he can send her the details and hangs up. She and Lake squeal excitedly together, and Mia then invites Lake (and Felix) to go with her.

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Armando attends his first PFLAG meeting, led by Jack Spier, Simon’s father (Josh Duhamel reprises his role). He briefly introduces himself and mentions Simon. When he’s finished, he has Armando share his story first. Armando only introduces himself and says that Victor just came out recently.

Meanwhile at school, Felix hands an essay to someone that he wrote. He walks by Pilar and greets her, and she checks in about his mother. Felix lets her know he’ll be able to pay her back soon thanks to a new side hustle. As he heads off, she tells him that she’s around if he ever wants to talk. He meets up with Lake next, who tells him about the party. He says he can’t go due to a lot of homework, which surprises Lake. He tells her about his new gig doing assignments for other people. Lake is vehemently opposed, not knowing what he needs the money for. He lies and says it’s for new DJ equipment. Lake says that cheating aside, she misses Felix, and he misses her, so he agrees to go to the party.

Felix and Lake join Benji and Victor, and Victor is venting his frustrations about the locker room complaints. Both Lake and Benji try to comfort him, but to no real avail. Victor spots Andrew and goes to talk to him. Andrew asks what’s up, but he knows, claiming he doesn’t know who complained. Victor counters that he does, but Andrew doesn’t think confronting them will make any difference. Instead, he reminds Victor that he’s the best player on the team. If he dominates at practice, the people who complained will realize they were wrong.

After the PFLAG meeting, an incredibly nervous Armando chats with Jack. He tries to explain about Victor but stumbles over his words, unsure of what to say. Jack offers to meet up with Armando sometime for drinks so that they can have a real conversation.

Mia arrives at the party, with no Tyler yet and texts Lake to ask her ETA. Mia grabs a drink but looks uncomfortable. Lake, meanwhile, is still at her house with Felix, impatient to leave. Felix works on his (read: everyone else’s) homework for tomorrow and Lake tries to nudge him into taking a break. She tells him she’s excited to go to the party with him, and he’s excited, too … but first he needs to work on the next assignment.

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During basketball practice, Victor does exactly what Andrew says and dominates, the rest of the team just as excited. When they get to the locker rooms, though, it’s a different story. The three teammates who spread the rumors about Mia not so discreetly complain about Victor being there and go somewhere else, making him feel bad. Andrew apologizes for thinking his plan would work. Victor doesn’t respond and sits quietly on a bench as everyone else leaves for the evening.

Mia observes a game of beer pong, kind of vibing but also definitely a little drunk. Derek, Benji’s ex, walks by and backtracks when he realizes he knows her. He double checks that she’s in high school, which she confirms and says she lied about. She asks Derek if he wants to play, indicating the beer pong table. He says no and watches her with concern. He tells her to be careful and moves to leave but hesitates. Mia decides to go play anyway. Derek doesn’t like this, but he lets her go.

Armando and Jack meet up, and Armando talks about the new information he’s learning. Jack agrees that it can be a lot, empathizing with Armando. Armando continues that he’s terrified of saying the wrong thing to Victor, because he doesn’t want Victor to hate him. He adds that Isabel has been struggling, creating a rift between her and Victor that Armando doesn’t want. Jack offers comfort by explaining the ideas he used to have for Simon before he came out. He had to let those ideas go when Simon came out, because he realized there isn’t any one way to be a man. Jack brings the conversation back to Armando, asking what he and Victor used to talk about. He suggests Armando use that as a starting point and see where the conversation goes.

Lake has lost all patience. She decides to go to the party alone and tells Felix to leave, but he can’t. When Lake asks why, he reveals that his internet is shut off. He admits the money isn’t for DJ equipment and shares how tough things have been lately. Lake listens, showing concern, but Felix tells her everything will be fine before going back to his work. Lake pulls up a chair beside him, ready to help him get through the assignments.

After practice, Victor heads to Brasstown where Benji is closing up. Victor tells Benji that practice was fine until it wasn’t, not understanding why Benji isn’t more upset. He is, but he’s also not surprised and shares a similar experience. Victor thinks maybe he should change somewhere else, but Benji disagrees. He then gets a text from Derek about Mia. Victor leaves and finds an even more drunk Mia talking with a boy. Victor asks him to leave and then tells Mia they’re leaving too. Mia is defiant at first. When she almost pukes, she finally agrees to leave.

Later that night, Felix goes to see Pilar, who thinks he wants to go sit outside and talk and is excited. But he’s only there to pay her back. He explains that Lake helped him finish the work and she knows about his mom now. Pilar’s face drops at this. He adds that he should’ve told Lake a long time ago and jokes that now Pilar doesn’t have to hear it anymore. Pilar tries to laugh with him but does so only half-heartedly.

Mia and Victor are back at Mia’s. Tyler texts her, Mia finding out he did show up after all. Victor apologizes again for what happened between them. She asks if he knew he was gay when they were dating, and he says that he didn’t really; he just knew he enjoyed her company and thought their relationship would work. Mia admits she wants to be angry with him but can’t because she’s glad he’s happy. She wishes it didn’t make her feel bad, because she loves him and thinks she lost her best friend. Victor assures her she didn’t lose him, and he loves her, too, adding that she’s amazing for wanting him to still be him. A FaceTime call from Tyler interrupts. Victor leaves and Mia answers. She soon confesses that she’s a junior in high school, but Tyler isn’t angry. He tells her he just turned 18 and asks about her plans for the next day.

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During the next practice, Victor shows up late and out of uniform, everyone slowly realizing why. When Victor returns home, Armando is waiting for him. He excitedly gives Victor a pair of vintage Air Jordans, also wanting to hang out with Victor for a little bit. Victor tells Armando he should return the shoes. Armando questions if it’s because Victor doesn’t like them. Victor tells him they’re unnecessary, as he quit the team. He goes inside and Armando’s excitement drops away.

Love, Victor season 2 is streaming now on Hulu. Check back tomorrow for the next recap! In the meantime, find the rest of our coverage, including our season 2 review, here.

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