Recap: C.W. and “Peter” Reconnect in ‘Mythic Quest’ Season 2, Episode 7


In last week’s episode of Mythic Quest, we took a dive into the past and explored the “Backstory!” of MQ’s very own C.W., back in the days when he was a junior copy editor in the 70s.

C.W. has asked Rachel to give him a ride for a matter of utmost urgency — he’s off to visit the home of an old writer friend, Peter Cromwell. The untalented hack who stole the love of his life. If there was ever any question as to where things ended up in the aftermath of the previous flashback episode … the two haven’t spoken in 40 years. But recently, Peter reached out and asked C.W. to come and visit him so that he can apologize.

RACHEL: Aw, that’s nice. So you guys are going to make up?
C.W.: No. I’m gonna f*ck his wife.

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The two pull up in front of a large mansion, and Rachel is full of nerves over C.W.’s plan. He corrects her as he explains that Anne died years ago, so his prior statement was figurative at best. He just wants to emasculate Peter by flaunting his many successes. And when the moment is right? He’s going to whip it out. That’s right, you heard him. He’s going to shove it right in Peter’s face. His Nebula Award. (Rachel sighs in relief.)

Peter is in good spirits when they enter the house, and he embraces C.W. in a hug. C.W. then proceeds to introduce Rachel as his driver … and his granddaughter? His gay granddaughter. Rachel is rethinking all of her life choices up to this moment.

We learn that Peter’s life has been spent writing a series of 19 novellas about the same character, The Hammerfall Cycle. As the two sit down to talk, Peter is expectantly waiting for an apology from C.W., rather than the other way around. Peter realizes that his daughter Ginny must have tricked them both and set up the meeting.

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Peter explains that he’s upset with C.W. for breaking up the “tripod” that they had formed as coworkers. He disappeared from he and Anne’s lives, and he didn’t even come to the funeral. The two begin to argue, and Peter calls C.W. out for the way that he began to act after winning his Nebula Award, doing everything that he could to turn Anne against him.

Rachel goes to check on C.W., who angrily proclaims once again that he’s going to “f*ck” Peter’s “wife.” Literally this time, not figuratively. Rachel informs him that the woman in the house, Magda, is Peter’s nurse. Not his new wife. Whoops.

C.W.: Oh, well then that changes everything. I’m gonna f*ck his nurse.

Though Rachel quickly declines Magda’s dinner invite that she extends to them, C.W. happily says yes. He spends the meal making suggestive comments toward Magda. (I could have gone the rest of my life without hearing the comment “robust of seed,” but here we are.) C.W. and Peter continue to bicker over their books, the former of which has had one too many drinks at this point. C.W. excuses himself from the table, announcing that he’s going to the bathroom. (The “bathroom” ends up being a drawer in Peter’s desk.)

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Full of replenished vigor, C.W. waltzes back into the room with an arm full of books, drunkenly butchering the fake name that he made up for Rachel (Calpernia) and referring to her as “Calamari” instead. Getting ready to leave, C.W. reveals that he found Peter’s finished, copyrighted 20th book in his desk drawer. He’s come to the conclusion that Anne’s publishers only published Peter’s books over the years as a favor to her. Which explains why the last book remains unpublished. Peter reveals that he’s dying, and his daughter set up the meeting as closure for the two of them. C.W. drunkenly stumbles outside, where Rachel is waiting in the car.

He wakes up the next morning to … Anne standing over him? No. It’s Jenny, her daughter. She explains that Rachel brought C.W. back to Peter’s house because he passed out in her car, and she thought he was dying. C.W. learns that years ago, Anne picked up a copy of Mythic Quest and brought it home, because an old friend wrote it. Anne told Jenny that C.W. predicted video games back in the 70s, and indeed he did on that faithful, rainy evening. C.W. gets dressed and goes downstairs, giving Peter a real apology for his behavior the night before.

PETER: You also took a sh*t in my desk.

C.W. wheels Peter out back, and C.W. is pleased to see Anne’s impressive orchard full of lemon trees. Peter is surprised to learn that C.W., despite all of his bitterness, read all of his books. Some more than once. He’s always been a fan. The two settle in so that Peter can finally read the 20th book out loud for him.

Episode 8 of the second season of Mythic Quest will land exclusively on Apple TV+ on Friday, June 18. Follow along with all of our recaps for this season here.

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