Thursday, March 23, 2023

Fans Can Peek in ‘Alan Cumming’s Shelves’ in New Podcast

PODCASTSFans Can Peek in 'Alan Cumming's Shelves' in New Podcast

Alan Cumming (The Good Wife, Instinct) has a new podcast which will give listeners wonderful stories to listen. In the podcast named Alan Cumming’s Shelves, Cumming will take one object from his shelves and tell us its story with a guest:

In Alan Cumming’s house you’ll find some shelves. Well, lots of shelves in fact, and on these shelves are curiosities, rarities, and oddities, that Alan has collected throughout his varied and colourful career. Artefacts if you will from the museum of Alan’s life. In each episode of this podcast Alan reaches for one of these items, to tell the story behind it, ruminating on the memories it brings up.” 

The first three episodes of the podcast are already out.

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In the first episode, the actor talks with Cindy Lauper about gloves:

“To open Alan Cumming’s Shelves, Alan chats with the amazing Cyndi Lauper about a pair of white leather gloves that he wore when the two of them were in the production of The Threepenny Opera on Broadway.”

After that, he is joined by Sir Ian McKellen, and they discuss a dog collar:

“How did Sir Ian McKellen and Alan end up on a Canadian nudist beach with a hemp dog collar in hand? Well you’re about to find out!”

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In the third episode, Cumming and his friend Barnaby Harris talk about a yoga mat:

“Alan became the poster boy for a Yoga brand. But come on, this is Alan. It’s not just any yoga brand. Barnaby Harris is Alan’s friend who started the business, hear the full effing story now.”

Watch Cumming talking about his new podcast below.

Alan Cumming’s Shelves is available to listen on Apple Podcasts and wherever you listen to podcasts. Be sure to subscribe to be notified each time a new episode is released.

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