Recap: It’s the Calm Before the Divorce in ‘Mythic Quest’ Season 2, Episode 3 “#YumYum”


In the previous episode of Mythic Quest, Brad tasked Jo with working on a mobile game for the company with Dana and Rachel, which was essentially a failure on all levels. Meanwhile, Poppy struggled to find her footing in leading the team with the new expansion, but she still managed to imperfectly knock her speech out of the park at the Women in Gaming luncheon (thanks to Ian). Keep reading to find out what happened in this week’s episode, “#YumYum.”

The team has gathered in the conference room to discuss plans for the new expansion, and Poppy and Ian share that instead of settling on one idea, they just split the expansion down the middle and are working separately. Like mature adults. David begins to do some personal projecting as he realizes that this is the “calm before the divorce.”

Later, David shares with Jo and Brad that’s he’s dipping his toe back into the dating pool, which sounds like an absolute recipe for disaster. He notices that Ian and Poppy are separating their teams to work in different parts of the building, and his fears for what’s to come between the two continue to grow. Meanwhile, everyone in the office is dodging C.W.’s calls until he finally manages to trick Jo into answering. Finally given a chance to speak, he explains to Brad and Jo that his publisher is trying to claim ownership over the intellectual property in his novels because he’s failed to deliver the final book in his contract. Brad then decides that he’s going to go help David with his dating problems, and he assigns a displeased Jo to take care of C.W.

Ian is meeting with the art department, and Phil remarks that they’re both on time and under budget, which is a problem in Ian’s eyes. Itching for pushback due to his lack of interaction with Poppy lately, Ian explains that he wants a challenge from his staff. In the tester room, Rachel stresses over the fact that her overcomplication of the mobile game ruined Grouchy Goat, but Dana is confident that she can find another way to make it happen. Ian interrupts their conversation to steal Rachel.

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Poppy sits covered in blankets while her team for the expansion is crammed into the office alongside her. When one of them explains why her plans for the “Hera” part of the expansion aren’t really doable, Poppy begins to spiral. Just as Ian is struggling without her, she’s finding it difficult to function without him stroking her ego and bolstering her confidence while they work. Dana steps into the room, quickly catching on and complimenting Poppy in order to get her attention. She then proceeds to ask her to teach her how to code.

Jo shows up to meet with C.W.’s publisher, bringing him along virtually on her laptop, and immediately launches into a tirade and demands a 6-month extension. However, she deflates when the man informs her that the third book … was due in 1982.

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Meanwhile, Brad and his team have taken a deep dive into David’s personal life in order to get him back into the dating scene. Brad begins to pick apart David’s social media habits, like hashtagging #yumyum on food pictures, posting his wedding photos on his dating profile, and his Dizzy Dave’s video series. Brad makes the executive decision that David needs to simply delete all of his social media, it’s the only way he’s going to get a date. He then makes David practice his skills with a game called Divorcée Dance Party, which he immediately fails miserably at.

Jo locks herself in a bathroom stall as she and C.W. contemplate what to do about the publisher issue, and she remarks how big of a liability he is because most things that come out of his mouth could get him canceled. Suddenly, Jo is inspired, and she runs out of the bathroom cackling maniacally. Taking a different, calmer approach now, Jo uses C.W.’s inappropriate tendencies to her advantage by informing the publisher of the origin story of the central character in his trilogy. She then suggests that they discuss a new contract, which the publisher immediately agrees to.

Looking worse for wear, David is still hard at work with Divorcée Dance Party, and he finally manages to have a stroke of success. Brad then reveals that the game was fake, and he was actually interacting with Sue, Carol, and Paul, who were sitting in another room. However, Carol was under the impression that it was sexual harassment training software. Oops. David leaves, defeated. Elsewhere, Ian and Rachel are still in his office, attempting to review the expansion artwork but mostly just arguing.

The next day, Brad shows a solemn David the brand-new dating profile that he made for him. And he even has a date already, but he’s probably going to need to remember her name first. Meanwhile, Ian and Poppy have a chat, and he asks her to move back into their office and start working together on the expansion again. However, the peace offering is soon trampled when Brad reveals that Poppy went forward with the battle royale plans after all. Ian is …. upset, to put it lightly.

Episode 4 of the second season of Mythic Quest will land exclusively on Apple TV+ on Friday, May 21. Follow along with all of our recaps for this season here.

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