‘The Ellen Degeneres Show’ to End With a 19 Season Run


When void of an audience, spaces can twine together memories once happening within those bluely tinted walls. Infamous white sofas tell of a guitar leisurely thrown across Taylor Swift’s lap riffing with a leather-jacketed Zac Efron to descending steps towards a platform stage acting as the dancing grounds for host Ellen DeGeneres to sway through an excitable crowd; producer Andy Lassner’s voice filtered from the behind-the-scenes lens; and Stephen Boss, also known for his DJ coined nickname tWitch, perched in a box nestled to the right overlooking the show itself.

While countless episodes are remaining to be seen over the next year, The Ellen DeGeneres Show will be bidding goodbye to its set following its 19th season. Although the series has seen a recent dip in ratings, its cancellation does mark the end to an era of talk show television. 

Watch the emotional announcement below.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show airs Monday through Friday at 4 PM EST.

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