Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Ghost Rides Shotgun in Emotional Niall Horan and Anne-Marie Ballad “Our Song” Preview

There’s a ghost claiming shotgun when the clouds in the sky dip to blend in with a vintage car steered by bubblegum-haired Anne-Marie. It’s just sparked from the touch of a radio’s dial; at least that’s what she admits to Irish duet partner Niall Horan in a 10-second sneak peek to their sentimental ballad coined “Our Song.”

Once caught from a sideways mischief glance, his presence is now one she bitterly locks in the rearview mirror with the road ahead still reminding of what street they could’ve been on. The 2 minute and 43 second track will filter through your speakers next Friday, May 21.

For now, listen to the preview below before it statically switches to another station, as well as using the nifty pre-save.

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