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Beware of the Temple Guards: ‘Legends of the Hidden Temple’ Reboot Headed to The CW

TELEVISIONBeware of the Temple Guards: 'Legends of the Hidden Temple' Reboot Headed...

It’s time to whip out those Pendants of Life and avoid the Temple Guards, because Nickelodeon’s beloved show Legends of the Hidden Temple is officially getting a reboot … at The CW!

In the original series, which ran from 1993-95, six teams comprised of two people each competed in various rounds and each episode would revolve around a certain legend regarding an artifact (real or fictional) from around the world that found its way to the temple.

According to Deadline, the adult version of the early-mid ’90s game show will preserve much of the original, including giant talking Mayan head Olmec, the Moat Crossings – which was the first round of the game show, The Steps of Knowledge – the second round, and the ever-stressing final round – the Temple Run. The teams, known as the Purple Parrots, Blue Barracudas, Orange Iguanas, Red Jaguars, Silver Snakes and Green Monkeys will also be a mainstay.

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Unlike the original, this new version will reportedly be “taken out of the studio and scaled up with tougher challenges and bigger prizes as the contestants find their way through the ‘jungle.'”

This isn’t the first reboot of the Nickelodeon game show. In 2016, Nickelodeon produced and aired a Legends of the Hidden Temple movie that included much of the same aspects of the game show, including bringing back host Kirk Fogg and Dee Bradley Baker, the voice of Olmec, for cameos. Though this one wasn’t any competition, rather it followed three siblings navigating a series of booby-trapped rooms to lift a temple’s curse.

Scott A. Stone, one of the original creators, along with David G. Stanley and Stephen R. Brown, will executive produce with Marcus Fox, the executive producer of Nickelodeon’s Paradise Run.

Did you ever wonder if you have what it takes to assemble the Shrine of the Silver Monkey, compete in the Temple Games or avoid being taken by the Temple Guards during the Temple Run? It’ll be interesting to see what this new show will be like and how similar it will be to the original!

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All three seasons of the original Legends of the Hidden Temple are streaming on Paramount+, along with the Nickelodeon Original Movie.

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