The Best Moments From ‘Superman & Lois’ so Far

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Superman & Lois is just one week away from returning to The CW with new episodes. Having to take a short hiatus to catch up on production and post-production, the network halted the release of the world’s favorite superfamily. Superman & Lois was one of the most anticipated superhero shows to debut with Clark and Lois returning to the small screen once again.

With the show gearing up to return with episode 6 in a few weeks, we’ve compiled a list of the best moments from the first five episodes. Read on for some of our favorites so far!

The Action Comics #1 Cover Parallel

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Moments into the first episode, fans got a callback to the first issue of the Action Comics. On it, Superman is picking up a green PT Cruiser. In the show, he is seen soon after he moved to Metropolis officially as the Man of Steel lifting the car to save the people inside from crashing and any bystanders below that could be harmed.

On the comic cover a man was featured in the background hunched over wearing green pants and a white shirt, and in the show a child is seen wearing a similar outfit. Intentional or not (we like to think it was), it’s a nice tie in and nod to Superman’s heroic origins.

Lois Sticking it to Edge

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Lois is a character who is universally adored. Although there isn’t enough time to accurately describe the impact Lois has had on the DC Universe (seriously do you have all day?), overall, she’s intelligent, strong-willed, and extremely compassionate. While there’s always room for improvement with her arc, seeing her stick it to her boss Morgan Edge in a room full of fellow employees was awesome.

She proved that you don’t have to take anything from anyone, even if they’re your boss and you’re a well-respected journalist. As she was leaving, Leslie utters that Edge will ruin her and without missing a beat Lois says, “let him try.”

The Incredible Fight Scenes

Credit must be given to the effects and stunt teams just as much as the actors. Each of the coordinated fight scenes is mesmerizing and while they might not last long, they’re not easily forgettable either. The show mainly brings back that family element to Clark and Superman, so most of the episode is spent on those surrounding him. But viewers do get treated to fight scenes in every episode thus far because he IS still a world saver after all.

Some of the best work is done with Wolé Parks’ Captain Luthor. Not only is his story captivating, but his chemistry with Superman from his Earth also carries over to this one and it just makes sense. With Luthor on Lois’ heels to get closer to Clark/Superman, the action between the pair will only amp up from here.

The Clois Relationship

Dean Buscher/The CW

Clark and Lois have one of the longest standing relationships in pop culture, but something that The CW, Tyler Hoechlin, and Elizabeth Tulloch are able to do well is show that while they may be the super couple, their relationship is not perfect all the time.

It normalizes the fact that every relationship has issues and people do have disagreements, but they are able to talk through them — never wanting to create a toxic environment for their kids. They are each other’s equal and they treat each other with that respect. Marriage is a partnership and so far they’ve nailed that dynamic.

Jonathan Kent’s Canonical Existence Outside of the Comics

Dean Katie Yu/The CW

In 2015 Jonathan Kent was introduced into the comics (Convergence: Superman #2). At the time, he was Clark and Lois’ only child but because of the effects of Crisis on Infinite Earths it gave him a twin brother, Jordan. It was long assumed that at least one of the brothers would have powers, and considering in the comics Jon inhabited them, the odds were in his favor.

As we now know, Jordan possesses the powers but Jon’s existence is an absolute delight. He’s the chill and athletic twin and Jordan Elsass brings a wholesome approach to the character that would do anything for his family no matter what.

Jordan Discovers His Powers

The CW

As aforementioned, Jordan is the sibling that now inhabits his father’s Kryptonian abilities. The circumstance in which he discovers his powers is shocking. Just getting accustomed to farm town living, the twins are at a party with Sarah Cushing when Jordan accidentally kisses Sarah. Long story short, he gets in a fight with Sarah’s boyfriend and all the pent-up anger and tension essentially explodes via his heat vision.

While this is the official realization that solidified he has powers, we got a hint at it at the beginning of the pilot when a large pipe nearly falls on top of Jordan and Jon rushes in to jump on him and save him from being crushed. Jordan however had pulled Jon on top of him to protect him. The boys come out of it unscathed and Jordan (and the audience) were dying to know what that was about.

Honorable Mentions

“My mom made it for me.” – Superman

Superman’s costume in the pilot was the one he wore in the Fleischer cartoons.

“You know what babe? You do your Superman stuff and I’ll do my Lois Lane stuff.” – Lois

Lana and Lois’ small scene at the bar. More positioning women as friends instead of rivals or enemies, please.

The inclusion of important issues like mental health being discussed with Sarah and Jordan. It’s not taboo and doesn’t define who the characters are.

The inclusion of Martha and Jonathan Kent/Martha’s bench in Smallville town center.

Superman & Lois returns May 18 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. Check out our other coverage here.

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