Recap: The Crazy Comes Out in ‘Prodigal Son’ Season 2, Episode 12 “Sun and Fun”


With the events of last week’s episode leaving fans on an emotional rollercoaster, Prodigies are anxious to see what transpires next in the Whitlys’ saga. Without further ado, here’s what happened in the penultimate episode of Prodigal Son season 2.

The scene opens with Malcolm in Martin’s cell at Claremont. Having flashbacks to Martin’s voicemail and finding Hector at the farm, Malcolm loses it, tearing apart Martin’s cell and letting out guttural screams before collapsing.

Dani walks in and finds him, telling him she heard what went down at the farm. Malcolm’s convinced everyone’s disappointed with him for failing to catch Martin. He tells Dani he’s afraid Martin will come for him. She retorts “That’s not what scares you. What scares you is living the rest of your life without your father in it.”

As Dani is telling Malcolm to slow down and acknowledge the toll this is taking on him, he finds butterscotch wrappers, leading him to question, “Where’s Vivian Capshaw?”

Capshaw is pulled over by the police. As she looks for her license and registration, we see a syringe filled with a mysterious substance in her glove compartment. As the officer reads her information, he asks to peek into her trunk. Her face drops before he reveals he was joking; her tail light is out. He offers to fix it, flirting with her, but she deflects and leaves.

“They were having sex!” Malcolm explains to the rest of the team (including Ruiz) back at the precinct. The others are skeptical, especially Gil.

“The woman made a mistake. Doesn’t mean she was boffing a convicted serial killer.”

Not believing him and still pissed over the events of last episode, Ruiz kicks Bright off the case. Dani and Gil beg him to go home.

Ainsley expresses disbelief that Malcolm’s been taken off the case. Jessica’s concerned about him and wants them to let the police work, but Ainsley is curious about Malcolm’s theories. He tells them about Capshaw, convincing them that they need to find her before she gets in even more trouble.

Panning to a mansion, Vivian sways to a vinyl, martini in hand while an alarmed Martin regains consciousness in a wheelchair. He can’t feel his legs; Vivian administered a lidocaine spinal block. Capshaw reminds him of what transpired. We flashback to see Martin get stabbed with a syringe by Capshaw directly after he runs out of Claremont. It seems that The Surgeon has become the victim.

Finally, we can be together. Welcome home.

– Vivian Capshaw

Jessica and Malcolm enter a fancy restaurant. The whispers immediately begin. They join Dr. Raymond Sengel, who introduced Jessica and Martin and who shunned the Whitlys after Martin’s arrest. They ask him for access to records/information about Capshaw, investigating victimology to build Martin’s profile.

Malcolm and Ainsley visit Logan Zeiger, one of Capshaw’s last patients at St. Sebastian’s. The man is hooked up to multiple machines, paralyzed as a result of sustaining a bad cervical spinal injury. Malcolm questions him about his experiences with Capshaw, and Zeiger sings her praises for saving him during a risky procedure, working himself up when they speak ill about her. Exiting, Malcolm tells Ainsley that he thinks Martin might be the victim, not Vivian.

Back at Vivian’s place, Martin, placating Capshaw, says that they can’t stay at their current location because people are looking for him. She explains no one is looking for her because everyone thinks she’s the victim before kissing him.

While Vivian gets Martin a drink, he tries to hobble to a phone he sees. Falling, he manages to dial Jessica before Capashaw intercepts. With a foot on Martin’s neck, Vivian tries to convince Jessica not to tell anyone, as Martin is finally out of her way and can’t hurt anyone anymore. Hanging up, she ominously utters, “let’s take this to the bedroom.”

Ainsley asks who Jessica was talking to, but Jessica plays it off as a wrong number.

Martin wakes up restrained in a bed. Capshaw says she’s disappointed in him before ranting about how she thought Martin wanted her, not Jessica. Explaining they weren’t equals and that Martin had to hide his true self from Jessica. She goes on to praise his work as The Surgeon and tells him that “Jessie” could never understand his accomplishments.

Martin tells Capshaw that she understands. She agrees, claiming she has a “brilliant medical mind” just like him as a tear rolls down her face. She reaches for syringes; Martin tries to ward her off, saying he won’t run again. Apparently, that’s not what Capshaw’s worried about. She feels the need to prove she’s worthy of Martin’s companionship.

Vivian shows Martin three syringes filled with adenosine, Rivotril, and fentanyl, respectively. Shuffling them and jamming one at random into Martin’s thigh, she becomes upset when Martin tells her it was adenosine, starting to feel the effects. Vivian tells him he’s going to die but not to worry, because she’s going to bring him back.

Back at the precinct, Malcolm tries to tell the team Capshaw’s the perp, not the victim. Once again, they don’t believe him. Gil looked into her and says there’s no evidence that Capshaw’s mentally unstable. Malcolm tells them Vivian has Malignant Hero Syndrome, “a subset of the Angel of Mercy pathology.”

While none of them believe what Bright’s putting down, Dani convinces Gil to let them visit an address Malcolm managed to get through a connection to Zeiger, citing whether they find anything or not, at least the matter will be put to bed. This way, at least she can keep an eye on him.

Capshaw uses a bone tap on Martin’s shin and injects him with epinephrine to reanimate him. Martin screams at her to untie him. Vivian goes to inject him with fentanyl next, thinking he needs “more convincing.” Martin lashes out and breaks the syringe. Capshaw is furious, screaming that she did it for them and that she’s willing to break him if she needs to.

Malcolm and Dani find the storage unit devoid of people but filled with drugs. Dani tells him it’s not enough. Bright asks what will be, convinced he’s right. He reminds her how he’s been right in the past when no one believed him. He claims the team doesn’t care if Martin lives or dies. Dani says that if he did die, Malcolm would be free.

Malcolm’s hand begins to tremble and Dani tenderly grasps it in hers. Staring into her eyes, Malcolm brokenly asks her, “what if he makes me who I am?” She tells him that Martin is cruel and violent, but Malcolm isn’t and begs him to let him go so that he can have a life. As the two search each others’ eyes, they lean in and share a passionate kiss before they’re interrupted by Dani’s phone.

Things get real awkward real quick. As Dani goes to answer Gil’s call, Malcolm hears a noise and goes to investigate before Ainsley calls him. Down the hall, he sees someone running away and gives chase throughout the storage facility with Ainsley still on the line.

Busting outside, the mysterious person is revealed to be none other than Vivian, who dropped by to grab some drugs. Bright says he knows what she’s doing and demands to know Martin’s whereabouts. When she refuses to tell him, he offers himself up to her in exchange for bringing him to Martin. Eyeing him, she offers him two white pills, refusing to disclose what they are. Of course, Malcolm takes them anyway.

Dani returns and realizes Bright is gone.

The Whitly mansion is swarmed with reporters when Gil stops by to check up on a snappy Jessica. Gil, the understanding man that he is, tells Jessica he knows why she’s anxious; whether Martin gets taken dead or alive, it will have consequences on the family. He tells her it’s okay to hope for Martin to be gone (so not what she needed to hear right then Gil), admitting that he wants him dead for Jessica’s sake.

Jessica tells him that she doesn’t want to keep secrets anymore, gearing up to spill about Capshaw. He tells her that thoughts don’t matter or make her a bad person, actions determine that. Unfortunately, this deters her from telling him. She deflects, and the two hug.

Ainsley shows up at the station, telling Dani that Malcolm’s in trouble. Dani says she knows. Ainsley asks if she’s even worried. Dani responds that she’s always worried but that she’s pissed at Malcolm for ditching her, going rogue once again after their disagreement. Ainsley informs Dani he didn’t run off, showing her a partial recording of Malcolm’s conversation with Vivian outside the storage unit and convinces her to help find him.

Malcolm awakes on a cot, with Martin and Capshaw in the room. Vivian says she doesn’t plan to hurt him, but she’s not sure there’s room for three, especially when Martin’s “so close to committing to [their] lives together.” Martin tells her he can’t do that until she lets Malcolm go. Vivian asks Malcolm why he came. Malcolm gives a heartfelt answer, citing that while “[Martin’s] a psychopath, an unrepentant murder…he also happens to be my father.”

When Martin asks Vivian what she wants, she answers that she wants all of him. Martin shows Malcolm he has some type of sharp object. Malcolm distracts Capshaw, asking if they’re at Zeiger’s place. He tries to tell her that Martin isn’t the only one who sees her, understands her; this is what Bright does for a living. He tries to convince her that Martin will never truly be able to love her. Capshaw responds by plugging a syringe into Malcolm’s IV and asking Martin how long it’s been since he mitigated an embolism.

Realizing what Capshaw’s about to do, Martin begs her to stop. She doesn’t listen; pushing the syringe, Malcolm flatlines. Martin launches into an enraged speech.

“If he dies, I will kill you. No, I will make you live in pain, in agony, in ways you can’t possibly imagine…Oh, I’m not the Devil, Vivian, but I will show you Hell.”

Capshaw pays him no mind, gloating about the power of holding a life in your hands and tearing up once again. She tells Martin “what happens here, today, binds us for life.” At some point, Malcolm’s monitor has gone quiet. Vivian inserts a needle into Malcolm’s chest, removing blood and air. Malcolm stirs, but Martin warns her she needs to complete the extraction before the embolism reaches the pulmonary artery.

The doorbell rings. Capshaw abandons the procedure to check. Martin tries to escape his restraints. Seeing it’s Ainsley and Dani at the door, Capshaw places a fake 911 call, pretending Martin’s abducted and stabbed her before hanging up.

Martin frantically saws his way out of his restraints, cutting his hands in the process. As Malcolm flatlines again, Martin begs him to live while he extracts the embolism. Malcolm wakes and whispers, “you saved my life.”

Vivian returns and tells Martin they’ve found them. Pulling out a knife, she says she’ll always love him before raising it to her own breast and digging in. She tells him she’s called the police. Martin tells Capshaw what she’s doing won’t work, but she says she’s not as strong as Martin and can’t handle prison.

Citing that she has “two men locked in a torture dungeon,” Martin tells Capshaw no one will believe she’s the victim. With Dani knocking on the door, she retorts, “why not? He did,” pointing at Malcolm with the knife before letting out a bloodcurdling scream.

Dani shoots her way in the door. Martin frees Malcolm. Bright tells his father Capshaw’s right and that they’ll kill him, urging him to run. Seeing Capshaw in the foyer, Ainsley stays with her while Dani searches for the Whitly men. Torn between freedom and his son, Martin seems to make a run for it. However, when Dani enters the room, both Martin and Malcolm are gone. Dani sees the syringe filled with blood and lowers her gun.

Martin is seen driving off in a boat, joyously laughing with Malcolm still unconscious on the seat as “Where the Streets Have No Name” plays.

Malcolm Danger Count: 5

*Special Edition* Martin Danger Count: 6

After that cliffhanger, be sure to tune in next week for the season 2 finale of Prodigal Son at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT on FOX! Additionally, check out all of our other Prodigal Son content, including our podcast to hear us discuss the latest events of the show!

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