Recap: We Now Return To Chaotic Business as Usual in ‘Mythic Quest’ Season 2, Episode 1 “Titans’ Rift”

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The gang’s all back together again! Well, almost.

After Mythic Quest‘s “Quarantine” episode that tied off season 1 by inserting the pandemic into the world of the show (which, despite being virtual, was an absolute hit), and last month’s surprise special “Everlight” that saw everyone finally return to the office for their annual party, the team is back to work and ready to dive into the the planning of the game’s newest expansion to kick off season 2. Keep reading to find out what happened in “Titans’ Rift.”

“Goodbye Raven’s Banquet, hello … something else!”

Planning is coming along swimmingly between Ian and Poppy for Mythic Quest‘s next big, great expansion. Not. After a feeble attempt at trading conflicting location ideas back and forth while staring at an empty whiteboard, Ian decides it’s time for him to go take a trip to the desert to clear his mind.

Meanwhile, Poppy is having dreams (nightmares?) about ending up in bed with Ian. Whoops. The next day, she finds her way into the testers’ room, interrupting what was about to likely be an important conversation between Rachel and Dana, and commiserates about the aforementioned embarrassing dreams. Rachel is horrified as Dana offhandedly assures Poppy that she’s had the same dream as well; it’s not sexual, it’s about power. After Poppy digs herself into a hole as she reveals Dream Ian’s lesser-than-stellar review of their bedroom activities, Dana suggests that she try asserting herself in real life. Rachel decides to squash their earlier conversation after Poppy leaves, and instead chooses to corner an unsuspecting Carol in the parking garage. She begins to spiral as she begins to question Dana’s sexuality, because she doesn’t want to make assumptions or offend her.

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David pays Poppy a visit, and his poor choice of words (“Guess who Ian just screwed?”) sends her into another tailspin. The two spend a moment roasting Ian as they discuss his trip, and then David explains how stressed he is because he and Ian were supposed to hop on a call with Montreal to update them about the new expansion. Put on the spot, Poppy makes a quick decision and tells David that the title of the new expansion will be Mythic Quest: Sea of Ashes. Poppy suggests that he utilize Jo to keep Montreal at bay, but he tells her that his assistant left to explore other opportunities in the company. And just what are those other opportunities? Working for Brad, of course. Brad’s first lesson for her is not to take notes, because she shouldn’t leave a paper trail, so Jo promptly tosses her laptop into the garbage can.

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David sits with Sue in her office, showing her the poster for the new expansion as he reminds her that he has indeed always been Poppy and Ian’s boss. Poppy arrives in a panic, tells David that she changed her mind about the title, and promptly takes off with a parting line that ruins whatever elusive grasp of power David was dangling upon — “Don’t tell me what to do, you’re not the boss of me!” After storming upstairs, he has an awkward run-in with Brad and Jo, once again bringing his leadership of the company into question.

Poor Carol is just trying to enjoy her lunch when Rachel’s other half launches a surprise attack on her. Dana explains that Rachel has been avoiding her for a few days, and she sent her an odd invitation to an “open forum of shared feelings safe space.” Carol is quick to inform her that it’s not illegal to date a co-worker, and she also doesn’t consider it to be a human resources issue. Dana explains that while Rachel loves to talk things out and analyze everything, she’s doesn’t; she’s not great with confrontation. Carol tells her, point blank, she needs to speak to her and be clear. That’s it.

David has once again found himself working late into the evening, at odds with a bracket of ideas for expansion names that he’s drawn up on the whiteboard. Ian arrives in his office, back from his trip, just as David frets over the fact that Sea of Nazis somehow won the bracket. After a pep talk, Ian tells David that he has all of the answers that he needs deep inside of him, and he whispers the name of the expansion into his ear. And suddenly they start having se– …. Oh wait. Poppy wakes up, gasping. Another nightmare. But one with a purpose?

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David wakes up in Poppy and Ian’s office to find that Poppy has decided on the name of the expansion — Titans’ Rift. When he questions how exactly the name came to her “in a dream,” David is incredibly quick to pick up on the fact that it was a sex dream. He tells her that he’s had them before, too; it’s not uncommon to have those dreams about your boss. Although he tries not to think too hard about the fact that he is Ian’s boss. Poppy is pleased to tell him exactly how the dream, which she wasn’t even involved in for once, unfolded.

As the episode comes to a close, Rachel nervously waits for Dana in the parking garage. She begins to launch into her carefully-planned conversation, but Dana takes the reigns, cups her face, and kisses her. It’s about damn time.

Carol, who’s stuck in a parking spot in her minivan as Dana and Rachel kiss, lays on the horn and drives off as she calls out the window, “Mazel tov, don’t f*ck in the office.”

Episodes 1 and 2 of the second season of Mythic Quest are now streaming exclusively on Apple TV+. Episode 3 will premiere on Friday, May 14. Follow along with all of our recaps for this season here.

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