Recap: Make Way for Boss Poppy in ‘Mythic Quest’ Season 2, Episode 2 “Grouchy Goat”


In the season 2 premiere of Mythic Quest, Poppy fretted over her reoccurring sex dreams with Ian, who left to do some soul-searching in the desert, while also panicking with David over the yet-to-be-chosen title of the new expansion. Meanwhile, in what will hopefully save Carol’s sanity moving forward, Dana and Rachel finally kissed. Oh, and the office’s newest villainous team-up is none other than Brad and Jo. Keep reading to find out what happened in episode 2, “Grouchy Goat.”

Brad and Jo discuss the company’s need to go mobile in order to keep up with the times. He shoots down her offer to help, as he tells her that mobile games need a dash of “millennial stink.” Oh, she can totally find him stink alright.

Dana and Rachel smile and hold hands in the elevator as they arrive for work. They debate if and how they should announce their relationship to their coworkers. Jo ambushes them at the doors of elevator, seemingly unimpressed by their eagerness to share their new status, and turns around and yells out to everyone else in the office in a deadpan tone, “The testers f*cked.”

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In other news, Jo has found her millennials. She pulls Dana and Rachel into a meeting with Brad, neither of which are particularly excited by the idea of a mobile game. However, designing their own game? Well, that’s an entirely different story. Sold. They’re on board. And Jo is going to be the producer, much to her dismay.

Ian and Poppy are sitting in a meeting with the art department, planning the new expansion. Whereas Ian knows how to communicate with this department, despite their exhaustion over his usual tactics with his requests, Poppy is still finding her footing.

POPPY: I can’t keep track of every middle-aged white dude this place burns through.
PHIL: I’ve worked here for 10 years.

Rachel, Dana, and Jo are “hard at work” on their mobile game planning in the motion capture room. Whereas Rachel is already plotting a story about an empowered female warrior, Dana thinks they should take a simpler approach … like something with a goat. As they both begin to mock Jo’s grumpy demeanor from the other side of the glass, they land on their title — Grouchy Goat.

Poppy storms into David’s office and demands a new team of programmers, because everybody working on the expansion only listens to Ian and not her. David brushes her off to remind both her and Ian why he called them in into his office the first place: Poppy is supposed to be speaking at the Women in Gaming luncheon on Friday. Something that Poppy has absolutely no interest in participating in. Poppy then rants about Ian’s “exciting” approach to explaining his plans for the expansion to staff, whereas she prefers to be technical. She’s both aggravated and impressed to see the team’s beautiful rendition of caulk based on Ian’s description.

Dana arrives at the next game brainstorming session to share something she stayed up all night working on: a very crude and kind of sad animation of a goat. Rachel continues to share her enthusiasm toward creative a game that’s socially relevant, while Dana remains firm about utilizing simplicity. Jo eagerly watches on as the two begin a borderline argument and then comes to the conclusion that their project is missing a backstory.

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Enter C.W., who has joined in on their planning virtually, because he’s still working from home. He waxes on with an intro for what he mistakenly thought was a story about a grouchy ghost. Oops. “Well that changes everything … could the goat be dead?” Jo begins to spiral into a bout of self-loathing over their lack of progress and success thus far. The three share an inspired moment, which is ruined by C.W’s commentary.

Poppy, Ian, and David arrive at the Women in Gaming luncheon, and Poppy is miserably dressed to the nines. Ian scolds her for eating crab toast, because it makes her gassy, and opens her clutch to find an array of candy stuffed inside of it. Before she heads up to the podium, Ian pleads with her to stick to the teleprompter; he was up all night writing her speech.

Rachel, Dana, Jo, and C.W. show Grouchy Goat to Brad, a video presentation which lasts for all of a few seconds — as Rachel launches into a speech about the farming industry — before Brad unceremoniously cans the idea. Jo doesn’t hesitate in throwing them under the bus when Brad tells them that they overcomplicated the game, which makes things awkward between Dana and Rachel.

Poppy steps up onto the stage at the luncheon and begins to fumble her way through her speech. She puts on her glasses, candy tumbling out of her bag in the process, and attempts to carry on in between awkward comments. She derails as she begins to cry, “rambling on and farting,” before finally closing off with a humble “thank you” that’s met by enthusiastic applause. David is impressed at how she managed to get by without Ian’s speech, but Ian corrects him and explains that he planned every single disastrously genius aspect of the speech. He even planted the crab toast. As David tells him that this means he owes her the programming team she asked for now, they both realize that she tricked them in order to get what she wanted.

IAN: She inspired us.
DAVID: No she didn’t, she emotionally manipulated us.
IAN: What’s the difference? That little mess of a human being … is a boss.

Episode 3 of the second season of Mythic Quest will land exclusively on Apple TV+ on Friday, May 14. Follow along with all of our recaps for this season here.

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