‘Haven’s Secret’ by Melissa and Jessica Benoist and Mariko Tamaki Set to Release This October


You know Melissa Benoist as National City’s saving grace, and now, the Supergirl star is bringing her talents to the page. This October, she along with her sister Jessica Benoist and Mariko Tamaki will release a middle grade fantasy novel titled Haven’s Secret, the first book in a series.

Haven’s Secret follows Ellie and Parker McFadden, twin sisters who learn about an inherited legacy and are whisked away to an isolated farm called Haven where they learn more about their powers and evil force that destroyed their mother. Read the full synopsis below.

“Ellie McFadden has intuitive gifts. She can sense what other living things are feeling. She can even talk to animals! Too bad she can’t connect with her twin sister, Parker. Parker McFadden has kinetic gifts. She can cause shocks to the earth and produce heat energy that explodes from her body like fire, especially when she is angry. The sisters aren’t aware of the legacy they inherited from their mother until, on their thirteenth birthday, two mysterious relatives on the Power side whisk them off to an isolated farm called Haven. Ellie immediately adapts to their new routine; but Parker has one impulse: to get back to her normal life of friends and sports, fast.

Unbeknownst to Ellie and Parker, the secrets the Power women have kept for generations offer clues to their own simmering magic. Unlocking Haven’s secrets is just the beginning of what Ellie and Parker can do if they choose to work together to harness their gifts. But the sinister force that destroyed their mother has other plans; and if the sisters’ fragile relationship succumbs to The Danger, the world beyond Haven will face terrible risk.”

Haven’s Secret releases on October 19. You can pre-order your copy here.

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