Recap: “Zoey’s Extraordinary Double Date” Goes Awry on ‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’ Season 2, Episode 11


As the end of season 2 draws near, Zoey begins to consult a therapist about her powers and life, hoping she can learn to balance the two. Mo and Perry continue to take steps in their relationships, and big changes are on the horizon for Max. “Zoey’s Extraordinary Double Date” delivers all that and more, so let’s jump right in.

Zoey joins the waiting room at her therapist’s office and tries to make small talk. “What are you in for?” she asks, but another patron informs her that’s rude. That’s when the entire room breaks into a heart song of “Overwhelmed” by Royal and the Serpent. She tells her therapist about the song and how it feels like she’s drowning with her powers, work, family, and relationship with Simon. The therapist tells her to focus on one thing she can control, and Zoey decides to have a weekend dedicated to showering Simon with affection.

Zoey arrives to work with a donut for Simon and moves in to kiss him, but he cuts her off by saying they shouldn’t be affectionate at work. She agrees and tells him she wants to spend the weekend doing whatever Simon wants. He promises to think on it, and Zoey heads off to work. She calls all the programmers over to announce the winning phone design that they’ll be pitching to Danny Michael Davis. With a dramatic pause and drum roll, the winner is the Drone Phone. Both MacKenzie and Tobin look betrayed and angry as Leif moves to the front with Zoey and claps twice. His prototype phone, which has four small drone fans, flies over and lands in his hand. The four fans retract into the side of the phone. (The future is drone phones!) They pitch in just four days, so Zoey says everyone needs to get on board with it now.

At Maggie’s, Maggie shows Deb her new Peloton bike. Deb tries it out and asks Maggie about her going to the casino without her. Maggie shrugs it off, saying she was just in the neighborhood, so Deb says maybe next time.

Rose takes a photo of Max at MaxiMo’s with a published rave review that he intends to hang somewhere in the restaurant. At their table, Zoey asks Simon if he’s given any thought to their weekend plans when Rose approaches and says they should join her and Max for a fun run where people dress up and run seven miles. Simon is excited about it, but Zoey is less than thrilled about exercise as their date idea. This weekend is all about Simon though, so Zoey agrees.

Zoey arrives at Mo’s to borrow ankle weights so she can prepare for the next day’s run and finds Perry already inside. He’s just on his way out to go meet his ex, they are taking the kids to the park, and Zoey comments on how great it is they are friends. Perry shares that Mo and he are serious enough that Mo, Perry, and Brad will be having lunch together at MaxiMo’s tomorrow. Weights in hand, Zoey goes back to her place but hears Perry sing a heart song, “Unwell” by Matchbox Twenty, in the hallway. Once it’s over, Zoey asks Perry to check her pilot light as a means to start a conversation. As he does so, she asks if he’s feeling ok about the lunch, and Perry says he’s worried about Mo and Brad getting along. Zoey offers to run interference if it’s needed, and Perry thanks her as he heads out.

Max meets Rose on a corner where they head to pick out costumes for the race. Along the way, Rose tells Max that she shared the MaxiMo review on Instagram, and it caught her friend, Rachel’s, eye. Rachel wants to invest in a MaxiMo pop up space in New York. Surprised and shocked, Max talks through the challenges, and Rose offers for him to stay with her rather than with his family while he’s in the city for those months it’ll take to get the pop up running. She tells him there’s no pressure and to think over the offer.

At SPRQ Point, MacKenzie and Tobin angrily charge into the meditation room complaining about Leif going on and on about his Drone Phone. Both are furious and irritated, so much so that they yell about who hates him more. In the heat of the moment, they grab each other and start making out. Tobin stops to ask, “Is this like a real thing or like an angry hook up?” Before MacKenzie can answer, he decides it doesn’t matter, and they resume.

Zoey and Simon find Max and Rose at the starting line as they check out everyone’s amazing costumes. Zoey is dressed as static electricity with various clothing items pinned to her sweater, Simon is Prince, Max is David Beckham, and Rose is Victoria Beckham circa her Spice Girls Posh era. Rose and Simon excitedly check out a group dressed as a traffic jam while Zoey asks Max why they are there. Max argues that it’s fun, but Zoey suddenly hears a heart song, “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen, led by Simon and Rose with choreography from every running participant except Max. When it’s over, Zoey calls out Max for not really wanting to be there, and he says he’s supporting Rose. Just then, the race begins, and the group takes off running.

The race finished, the crew wait at MaxiMo’s where Simon and Zoey share a bottle of champagne while Max and Rose enjoy sparkling water. Zoey steals the bucket of ice for her twisted ankle, arguing with Simon’s suggestion they go home so she can rest. She already ordered him the best dumplings in town. Across the restaurant, Brad arrives to find Mo and Perry at the bar. They have an awkward introduction where Mo clarifies his pronouns for Brad. “I normally go with he/him, but I’m not objecting to she, they, them… all are really accepted here.” With that, they move to a table, and Perry catches Zoey’s eye to ask for help. Zoey excuses herself to check on Perry, Mo, and Brad. Mo and Brad begin to make fun of Zoey’s costume which breaks the ice and opens them up, and Zoey encourages the humor.

Meanwhile at the casino, Maggie places another bet when Deb suddenly appears to join her. Like last time, she knows the dealer ratted her out, and Deb tells her she’s worried because people who gamble during the day are usually only ever professionals or are trying to feel something and are falling down a dark path. Maggie pushes back that she’s not either of those, saying she can gamble during the day if she pleases. With that, Deb leaves as Maggie places another bet.

Zoey returns to the table with drinks for her and Simon. They begin to debate which coast is the best. Rose says it’s the East Coast, while Zoey and Simon advocate for the West Coast. Zoey asks Max’s opinion (he’s lived on both coasts), which prompts a heartfelt song of “New York State of Mind” to Zoey’s surprise. He says both are great, but Zoey calls him out, and he confesses that he’s considering going back to open the pop up restaurant. She doesn’t take this news well (something Simon and Rose awkwardly notice). Mo arrives to tell Max that people’s food is arriving late because of the race traffic, and they both jump into action. The bar is crowded as Zoey finds Mo mixing drinks and discusses Max “abandoning” Mo. Mo already knew and thinks it’s great, but notices Zoey isn’t. She asks about Perry and Brad, and Mo says Perry is very quiet, so Zoey leaves to check in with them.

At SPRQ Point, Leif is working at Zoey’s desk with his feet up when Tobin arrives. Leif apologizes for not telling Tobin about his phone plan, but Tobin says he’s not mad at Leif anymore because his betrayal led to his hook up with MacKenzie. Leif is excited Tobin found a girl that likes him, and the two do a happy dance in Zoey’s office. Leif says they should head out, and the team will finish the presentation without them.

She discovers everything is going smoothly and tells Perry (in front of Brad) that there was nothing to worry about. Brad realizes Perry thought he and Mo wouldn’t get along, and he points out that they like all the same things and are “basically the same person.” This frustrates Perry, and Brad leaves to get a drink. Perry tells Zoey that he must be the problem if Mo and Brad aren’t the issue. Zoey offers her help but he says it’s ok, and she leaves with some stolen fries for Simon when she notices his dumplings still haven’t arrived. Both Rose and Max offer Simon some of their food, and Zoey starts massaging his shoulders to distract him until food arrives. They are still discussing the coasts, so Zoey asks what Max will do with his apartment and car. This sparks a heated discussion between the two. Max says he hasn’t made any decisions, but Zoey argues his “heart” (her way of saying she heard him sing) seems set on New York. He’s angry she already knows his decision before even he does. Rose is upset by this and leaves, and Max chases after her. Zoey apologizes to Simon.

Back in therapy, Zoey relays everything that happened. If she hadn’t heard the heart songs, then nothing would have gone wrong. The therapist points out that the news about Max really affected her. Zoey says she doesn’t want to talk about why if he’s going to suggest it’s because she has feelings for Max. However, the therapist says it’s linked to loss. She lost her father, her mentor (Joan), and now possibly Max. Zoey tearfully admits that make sense.

At Maggie’s, Deb apologies to Maggie for spying on her at the casino. She confesses her late husband had a serious gambling problem that she didn’t know about and she didn’t want the same thing to happen to Maggie. Maggie is touched and shares that the money she was gambling with was the last of her paycheck from Richard. She wanted to gamble it away, but she leads Deb into the greenhouse and pulls out stack after stack of cash explaining that she just kept winning.

The next day, Zoey arrives at Simon’s with dumplings she picked up to apologize to him for being so distracted the previous day. Simon says he’s upset about her reaction to Max’s news more than how the day went. He thinks she must still have feelings for Max, but she tells him about her therapy session. He says he believes her if she says they are just friends, but as he leaves to get plates, he sings “Suspicious Minds,” indicating he’s anything but over it.

Later that night, Zoey arrives at Maggie’s to find her and Deb discussing Maggie’s winnings. Maggie wants to be responsible with it, while Deb thinks she should treat herself. The two sing a heart song, “Rich Girl” by Gwen Stefani, before Zoey suggests she give 1/3 to Miles, 1/3 to fix the roof, but also take 1/3 to spend on something fun. Deb already has a seven-day cruise picked out, and Maggie agrees.

Back at Mo’s, Perry and Mo discuss their lunch and Perry’s insecurities about being an openly gay man. Mo feels as if Perry is asking him to backtrack to the person he was before he fully accepted himself and chose to live his truth regardless of what other people think. Perry says he doesn’t want that but is wrestling with his own insecurities still, and Mo tells him if that’s where he is, Mo isn’t sure he can stay in a relationship with Perry, no matter how much they care for one another.

Zoey finds Max and apologizes for her behavior at their lunch and supports his decision to do the pop up in New York. She’ll be waiting to celebrate with him when he returns. Max, however, sees things differently and tells her they can’t keep doing “this thing” that they are doing. They need to break out of their cycle, and Max ends by telling her that he needs some space. Zoey tearfully responds that New York came at the right time, Max can go on his trip and get away from her. As she walks away, she hears his heart softly singing “New York State of Mind” again.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist airs Sundays on NBC.

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