Paul Carella and Hayden Lee Host Second ‘CarrelLee Palooza’ For Fans

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Staff Photographer - Mandi Lea Photography

Sunday marked the second CarrelLee Palooza Zoom show this year with a VIP Q&A, drinking game, and virtual photo ops with musicians Hayden Lee and Paul Carella, and it was a can’t miss event.

The VIP experience started off with a drinking game word change from the last show’s “music” and “song” to “man”, which they decided would be less dangerous. They were very, very wrong. 

The guys discussed how difficult it was to record a song together when living on opposite sides of the Atlantic. They recorded a cover of Paul’s song, “Chasing Echoes” together as a special perk for the VIP folks for their last show in February. VIP’s also got to hear about some fun stories from Rockwood and how Paul never has to worry about his voice because the raspier his voice is, the better it gets. Fans also got to ask questions during the VIP hour, ranging from whether or not we’ll ever get a PBJ tour again to who they could play golf with if ever given a chance (Hayden would play with Tiger Woods and Paul would love to play with Ben Hogan at Pebble Beach, FYI). The guys ended the VIP hour with a virtual photo op session, which was a fun added bonus!

Staff Photographer – Mandi Lea Photography

After VIP, the general show started with an overview of the new drinking game word and went right into an amazing show. We got some amazing covers from the two. Hayden’s “500 Miles” cover (originally sung by The Proclaimers) was amazing and haunting. Paul’s cover of “Toss a Coin for Your Witcher”, which is from the popular show The Witcher, saw fans in the Zoom putting their hands up as if they were on a roller coaster and also putting a fun roller coaster filter as their background. We also got to hear a Paul Carella rarity with him singing “Sheriff’s Gun” for only the second time in front of an audience, plus a brand new Hayden song, “Upside Down World.”

It really had the energy of a fully live concert, which is something all of us have truly been missing during the pandemic. I’m not sure if CarelLee Palooza 3 is being planned, but I sure hope it happens, because I know we can all use more fun and good music until the world opens back up!

Here’s a look at their set list:  

Hayden – “Lobotomy”

Paul – “Chasing Echoes”

Hayden – “Fences”

Paul – “Sheriff’s Gun”

Hayden – “500 Miles” (cover)

Paul – “Perfect Spot” (cover)

Hayden – “Shifting Tides”

Paul – “Dead Town”

Hayden – “Upside Down World” (new song!) 

Paul – “Toss a Coin for Your Witcher”

Hayden – “Zombie” (cover)

Paul – “Hero”

Hayden – “Revolution”

Paul – “Red Sole Woman”

You can catch Paul on StageIt every Friday, and Hayden will be playing at The Evening Muse in Charlotte, North Carolina on May 22. The first show is sold out, but you can grab tickets to the later show here.

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