Wednesday, October 5, 2022

TV Is Traveling Back in Time With ‘The Flintstones’ Sequel Series ‘Bedrock’ Starring Elizabeth Banks

TELEVISIONFOXTV Is Traveling Back in Time With 'The Flintstones' Sequel Series 'Bedrock'...

The Flintstones originally ran for six seasons ending in 1966 and has seen many spinoffs and movies over the years, but today it was announced that a sequel series set 20 years after the original is in the works.

Warner Bros. Animation has officially started developing Bedrock for FOX, with Elizabeth Banks attached to co-executive produce the show as well as star as the voice of an adult Pebbles Flintstone. Her fellow executive producers under the umbrella of Brownstone Productions will be Lindsay Kerns (Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous), who is also set to write the show, Max Handelman, and Brownstone Productions’ own Dannah Shinder.

Bringing what is often called the first family of primetime television back to life, the show will tell the story of the Flintstone’s and their fellow Bedrock residents are they are pushed from the Stone Age into the more enlightened Bronze Age. This transition isn’t easy, especially as Fred Flintstone is on the verge of retirement and 20-something-year-old Pebbles is starting to make her own way in the world as everything changes around her.

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With the show just moving into development, details on the cast and potential release dates are still a way out, but if you feel the need for a refresher on The Flintstones, you will be able to catch all six seasons on FOX Entertainment’s free streaming platform Tubi on May 1.

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