Check Out the Trailer and Poster for ‘Dementia Part II’


We have a treat for horror movie fans! Dark Star Pictures and Bloody Disgusting have released the poster and trailer for the upcoming movie Dementia Part II.

The poster features Matt Mercer (Contracted) who is co-director alongside Mike Testin (Dementia) and stars in the movie as ex-con turned handyman Wendell. The poster hints at the suspense and gore that the film will contain, with the caption “Suzanne wasn’t always this confused … she wasn’t always dead either”.

The movie follows Wendell as he arrives at Suzanne’s (Suzanne Voss) house to carry out some jobs after being threatened by his parole officer, Reggie (Graham Skipper). However, things aren’t as they seem as the elderly Suzanne gives him increasingly bizarre jobs to carry out. Events escalate and Wendell uncovers Suzanne’s dark secret. Wendell and Suzanne’s daughter, Sheila (Najarra Townsend), must stop the evil. The movie promises to be dark and full of gore. Watch the trailer below!

Dementia Part II will be released in theaters May 21 and On Demand, digital and DVD June 1. Make sure you check it out, horror fans!

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