Monday, November 29, 2021

Sony & Disney Strike a Streaming Deal for Spider-Man & More

Disney and Sony struck a deal for the streaming rights of Spider-Man and other Marvel properties today.

Deals between Sony and Disney regarding the web-slinger and other Marvel characters have been tumultuous through the years, with a deal being struck for the third Tom Holland led Spider-Man film being reached after a momentary fall out. But today it was announced that the two have finally struck a deal for the streaming rights of Marvel characters.

Starting with projects releasing in 2022, Disney will get the exclusive rights to stream Sony’s Marvel content after the initial post-theatrical one-year run on Netflix.

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This is great news for a future partnership between Sony and Marvel, especially for fans of Holland’s Peter Parker, who was almost torn from the Marvel Cinematic Universe in those rocky moments in 2019. Hopefully this deal signifies a solid future for Spidey with the Avengers we’ve all come to know and love.

We can also expect that this includes pre-2022 Sony Marvel content, like the previous Spider-Man films, and a guarantee that Spider-Man: No Way Home will make it to join up with the rest of the MCU lineup on Disney+ once its contractual time on Netflix is up.

Soon, all but one MCU film will be housed with the Mouse on Disney+, and we can expect that The Incredible Hulk is on Disney’s radar to obtain sooner rather than later.

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