‘Manifest’ Recap: More Connections Are Made in Season 3, Episode 3 “Wingman”


In this week’s episode of Manifest, Ben discovers another 828 passenger and the two of them follow a Calling. Meanwhile, Olive and Angelina team up with new friend Levi to gather information about some Egyptian artifacts sent over by TJ that could be connected to the Callings, Jared gets closer to finding out what happened to the Major, and a new discovery is made at the end of the episode. Keep reading for a recap of the newest episode of Manifest, “Wingman.”


Ben, Michaela and Zeke tell Jared about the Major. Ben suggests that her vanishing could mean that she’s coming after 828ers again. Jared says that her daughter showed up at the precinct looking for Michaela. That can’t be a coincidence. He tells them he’ll contact the Department of Defense. Jared wonders if there are any other passengers that know anything, and Ben and Michaela look at each other. Ben tells Jared that the Major posed as Saanvi’s therapist. They met together for months. Michaela mentions they have to give Saanvi a heads up if the Major is planning something, and Jared volunteers to go. He has to talk to her anyways, but he’ll keep them posted.

“You know you don’t have to be a hero and take everything on.” Michaela tells her brother that he’s so focused on taking care of everyone else, and he never takes care of himself. She asks Ben if he showed Saanvi his hand as he’s rubbing it, and Ben tells her he did. But that’s the least of his worries. His family’s in hiding, and the meth heads are still out there. Ben looks at his watch, telling Michaela he needs to go to campus with Olive. TJ sent some artifacts from Egypt, maybe they’ll find a mythological clue that will help. Michaela thinks it’s a long shot. “Well, right now I need any shot.” She starts to tell Ben that he should be laying low, but Ben tells Michaela he can’t just sit still. Michaela says they are doing everything they can. Ben tells her that if the meth heads are like them, who knows what they’re capable of seeing and doing. Michaela will find him, whatever it takes, she promises.

While getting his things ready, Ben gets another Calling. Items are falling, and he sees someone unconscious on the ground. After the Calling, a news article falls to the ground. It’s about an 828 chess player, Eagan Tehrani, wowing park guests. “You got a busy day, Eagan. Why’d you fall off my board?”


Michaela is questioning Pete at the precinct about why he didn’t run. She’s trying to get him to give her a name and address, but he’s not speaking. Michaela sits down and tells him to forget that she’s a cop. He came out of that lake for a reason. This is his chance for redemption. They were supposed to find each other again. Michaela asks if he believes in fate, and Pete mentions the girl from the King Kone. It’s fate. She knew where he was and how to find him. “She just stared at me.” She was scared, Michaela says. Pete says she wasn’t afraid of him. She was brave. Michaela tells Pete she needs him to focus so she can find Jace and Corey. Pete demands she take him back to his cell.

After getting a peacock Calling while out in the woods, Cal calls Olive for help. He tells her it felt so real, and it could be a Calling. Olive says Angelina had a Calling, and it led them to a stain-glassed angel holding scales that had peacock feathers. “It has to be connected.”

At the park, Ben spots Eagan and introduces himself. “So you saw it too, huh?” Ben asks if he knows about the Callings, and Eagan asks, “Don’t they all by now?” He lost pretty much everything after he came back, and now he mostly plays chess for cash and lives off-the-grid. Which is why Ben was never able to get a hold of him. Eagan tells him to not take it personally. He didn’t feel like bonding over bizarro visions in his head. Speaking of, Ben tells Eagan the kid they saw looked passed out, he could be in danger. What kid? All Eagan saw was a bunch of art stuff fall to the ground. Ben asks Eagan if they could talk privately. He thinks this kid’s life could be at stake. Eagan gets checkmate for all three chess games he’s playing, and he and Ben leave.


Ben tells Eagan he doesn’t understand why the Calling would give them some of the same information, but not all of it. Maybe they’re supposed to put their clues together to solve the puzzle, Eagan suggests. Ben tells him that this one happened so fast, it’s hard to remember everything. Eagan remembers everything, all day long. He has a photographic memory. He closes his eyes and tells Ben to tell him everything he does remember. Ben begins to tell him, and Eagan is transported to the Calling. He opens his eyes and finds Ben at an empty chess board, recreating the Calling.

Olive gives Angelina a tour of the campus, ending it in a classroom. Olive introduces herself and Angelina to a guy, Levi, that is very focused on his work. She tells him that her father told them they could come and check out the Egyptian artifacts. “Nepotism and inexperience. What could go wrong?” The guy tells them to sit and don’t touch.

While going through the Calling, Ben recalls the urn. It had the numbers 601 reflected on it. What if it wasn’t a design but a designation. Like room 601? Eagan says he didn’t see any numbers, part of his Calling was obscured by this blinding light. That’s why he didn’t see the kid. His was shimmering like it was reflecting off water. More likely, Ben thinks, the light was reflecting off of another building. Alone, the objects are an assortment of items. But together, they make up a collection, like from a museum, they both figure out. Eagan made drops to all the museums when he was a courier. He tries to remember which ones were by the water as Ben looks them up on his phone. Ben realizes none of the art was hung up or on display, it was being stored. Eagan thinks he knows where to go.


Ben and Eagan get to a building called Harlem Freeport and try to find a way inside. Ben opens a vent and the two crawl inside. Once inside, Ben and Eagan are running to try to find 601. Eagan points out a door with 601 on it, but it’s locked. Ben knocks on the door and calls out, but there’s no answer. Eagan uses Ben’s ID to unlock the door but when they open it, there’s no one in there. Ben says the Callings are never wrong, the kid has to be there somewhere. He thinks back to the Callings and suggests the reflection might have thrown them off. He saw 601 but the upside down image is 109. “Look at you, professor.” There’s an explosion, nearly rocking Ben and Eagan off their feet and debris is starting to fall. They need to find him.

Levi is still working as Olive and Angelina are still sitting and watching. After bonding over some ancient history, Olive tells Levi they should start over. Levi lays down the ground rules, and Olive immediately pulls out some gloves, as does Angelina. She points out something in the artifacts, and Olive tells her it’s a peacock feather. Olive then calls Cal and asks if he ever figured out if that peacock feather he saw was real. However, Cal says it’s a sore subject as their mom and uncle are fighting. Olive cheers him up by telling him that they’ll get through it, singing a silly treasure hunt song they used to sing when they were younger. Grace overhears and can’t help but smile.


Ben and Eagan get to room 109 and when they get the door open, they are greeted by a room full of gas. They try to cover their mouths and call 9-1-1 but there’s no service. Eagan finds the kid unconscious and when Ben checks him, he notices he’s alive but his breathing is shallow. The kid wakes up just as Ben and Eagan are about to help him up. “We have to haul ass, or we’re gonna die in here.” They both help Caleb up and Eagan asks Ben if he can help the kid on his own. Gas pumps are in the basement and Eagan can shut them off. Ben tells him he’s going to die. The Calling sent them there together. For all they know, there are other people. The roof is about to come down, and Ben tells Eagan to go.

Levi tells Olive and Angelina about the metaphorical weighing of souls, saying that this depiction is unusual. In every representation he’s come across, Ma’at takes the heart and weighs it against an ostrich feather. But this is too colorful to be an ostrich, almost like it’s a peacock. But it’s missing a section. Levi checks the database and Angelina asks Olive if the scales and afterlife could be about the Death Date. Olive thinks it’s a sign that when you come back, you’re being judged. “Like getting a second chance.”

Angelina later meets Michaela at the precinct, and she asks how she knew that she needed to see Pete. Long story short, Michaela had a Calling that took her on a journey that she thought had nothing to do with her and in fact, had everything to do with her. Michaela tells Pete, who is sitting in the corner of his cell, that he has a visitor. Pete gets up as Angelina, holding her picture, tells him that she keeps looking at it and thinking that it’s some wild coincidence but she thinks it’s more. It’s a sign. She gives the picture to Pete, continuing that Michaela saved her. She thinks she’s supposed to save him. Pete says there’s this voice in his head, to go to her. “I think I’m supposed to be with you, too.”


Ben is making his way through the slowly collapsing building, trying to keep Caleb up. He throws him over his shoulder, calling out for Eagan. But it gets worse as there’s a growing fire, and the roof is coming down even more. Once out, Ben lays Caleb on the ground and Eagan praises him. He’s surprised to see Eagan alive, when the room collapsed he thought that was it. Eagan tells him the gas got so intense he had to turn around and head out. He hears the police sirens and he tells Ben that’s his cue. “The kid’s alive, we’re in one piece, the Calling stopped. Win-win-win.” Caleb comes to and tells Ben his head hurts, he wants to go home. Ben says he’ll get him checked out then he’ll get him home. Caleb wonders where the other guy is, but just as Ben is about to tell him, he looks up and Eagan is gone.

Ben drops Caleb at his house, and once inside, his mother tells someone else it’s safe. Just a man dropping off his brother. Corey comes out of hiding and he hugs Caleb, who is relieved and happy to see him.


Eagan is at a pawn shop, trying to sell some of the artifacts that were in the Callings. The guy asks for an ID before selling, and it turns out to be Ben’s faculty card. Eagan starts to walk away with Ben’s work bag, and the cashier takes out the missing fragment piece, telling Eagan he left some trash. Eagan takes it and tosses it and the work bag in the garbage.

While playing with Eden, Cal sings the treasure hunt song to her and Jace, Pete and Corey hear his voice in their heads once again.

Vance meets up with an old friend, who takes him to a very secret and very securely locked, building, a warehouse. What Vance sees when the doors open is unbelievable.


Manifest airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT on NBC, streaming the next day on Hulu and Peacock!

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