Saturday, March 25, 2023

Dylan O’Brien Traverses His Mind in ‘Flashback’ Trailer

MOVIESDylan O’Brien Traverses His Mind in ‘Flashback’ Trailer

The long-awaited trailer for Dylan O’Brien’s latest film is finally here. Going by the name of Flashback (it was previously known as Education of Fredrick Fitzell), it’s Lionsgate’s latest mind-bending thriller.

O’Brien is in the lead role of Fred who reaches out to a group of old high school friends to help him uncover what happened in the disappearance of Cindy (Maika Monroe). Fred must journey through his past via his mind and in doing so, slowly, he begins to unravel dark mysteries and explores all the possible lives he can choose he will then be faced with the question of which one will he decide to lead.

Flashback also stars Hannah Gross, Emory Cohen, and Keir Gilchrist.

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Flashback will arrive in select theaters and On Demand on June 4. It will then become available on Blu-ray and DVD on June 8.

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