‘Manifest’ Recap: The Stones Go Their Separate Ways in Season 3, Episode 2 “Deadhead”

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Things are getting dangerous for the Stones in this week’s episode of Manifest! With Jace, Pete, and Corey officially out of the lake and on their own and Michaela and Drea following after them, Grace and Cal go to Grace’s step-brother’s place to hide out while Ben stays with Olive and Angelina as they follow their own Calling.

Keep reading for a recap of the newest episode of Manifest, “Deadhead.”


Angelina is running through a church and a creature comes out at her. However, it turns out to be a Calling and she is still reeling from it. Grace comes into the room with a drink, telling Angelina she thought she could use a bit of caffeine. She asks Angelina how she’s doing and although she says she’s doing fine, she does not look like it. It’s been 24 hours. She does not have to be fine, Grace tells her. She’s sure Angelina doesn’t want to be around people, but she tells her whenever she’s ready, they’re there for her.

Michaela returns to the precinct for the first time since coming home and when she goes over to her desk, she sees piles of files. Jared goes over to her and welcomes her back. Michaela notices his new badge as he’s been promoted to Lieutenant. “Every time I go away for a minute I come back and you’ve been promoted.” Except this time, Michaela’s the one who’s married. Jared sees Michaela’s workload and adds one more file, the one with the girl who’s mother is missing. The Major. Michaela sees a message from a fish and game warden and she tells Jared she gave her card to the guy at the lake so he can call her if anything unusual happens.

Later, after getting permission from Captain Bowers to get back into the case that nearly caused her suspension, Michaela finally reunites with Drea as she’s downloading footage from the lake. Drea mentions it’s crazy they never found the bodies. Could they have snuck away that night? It’s a possibility, Michaela says. However, when the footage downloads, the impossible happens and Jace, Pete, and Corey are seen walking out of the lake. Michaela tries to call Ben but it goes straight to voicemail. She tells him the three men who kidnapped Cal are alive.


Ben and Grace go into their room after being informed that Jace, Pete and Corey are back. Grace wonders why they get to come back after everything they’ve done to them, to Cal. Ben doesn’t know. Griffin came back and he was a cold-blooded killer. Grace puts themselves in their shoes. They come out of that lake, alive. Last thing they remember is kidnapping Cal and falling into the ice with him. “What if they want revenge?” Ben suggests they might think he’s dead and Grace says good. Ben realizes that they were gone for 84 days. They only have 84 days until they die. So for 84 days they just keep Cal far, far away from them. The question is where? They need to take him somewhere no one will ever connect them to. Grace mentions her step-dad’s place. It’s off a beaten path, it’d be difficult to trace back to their family. Although she hasn’t talked to her step-brother in years, they could all go.

Michaela and Drea walk through the woods to find the area of the lake that the video footage was taken from. They spot a wet item of clothing on the ground, indicating they’re on the right track. The two of them hear a woman yelling for help and they run towards a campsite. Drea goes over to an unconscious man on the ground and Michaela goes over to the woman, her hands tied. She tells Michaela three men came out of nowhere and they started hitting her husband with a rock, repeatedly. They took their RV and one of them kept screaming, “What month is it?” They have to catch them.

Angelina gets another Calling, the same one, only more intense. Olive finds her hugging her knees and asks if she’s okay. Angelina says it happens, pleading to Olive to not tell anyone. Olive says her Aunt Mick told her a little bit about her, about how her parents reacted to the Callings. Angelina tells Olive they thought her visions were a sign of the end of days. It won’t stop, it keeps coming back. “That just means you haven’t solved it yet.” Angelina tells Olive about what she saw and Olive says sometimes the Callings only show her what she knows. Angelina says there was a stained-glass window at her old school, and a house, an archangel. Maybe the Callings want her to go back to her old school.


Ben, Grace and Cal are getting the last of their things ready. Olive and Angelina come downstairs with no suitcases. Olive tells her parents they’re not going, but Grace tells her there are dangerous men out there. Olive says they might have just figured out what Angelina’s Calling might mean. She’s had the same one over and over again. And she’s finally able to follow it. Olive says they can’t let her ignore a Calling. Ben mentions if Angelina stays, he can help her. Olive, however, knows that Ben doesn’t think she can do this. Grace says they’re worried. Olive has to do this with Angelina, she’s supposed to help her. She knows it. Cal knows it, too. “Our family split up like this before. Seven years ago in an airport in Jamaica.” And it ended up saving Cal’s life, Ben points out. This is going to keep him safe, too. “I guess this is goodbye.” “For now.”

Ben visits Saanvi at work and he tells her the meth heads aren’t the only problem. Some agents from the DOD and the NSA were in his neighborhood earlier. Even though he didn’t say a word, Vance’s old deputy seemed suspicious. Saanvi wonders if they know anything about the tailfin and the implications it could have. The scrutiny they would be under. And what if the Major found out? Especially if she saw what happened to Ben’s hand. Saanvi takes a sample so she can analyze it.

Michaela and Drea soon get a hit on the RV, thanks to Jared, and they soon pass one on the road. Jace looks out the window and Michaela stops the breaks and turns around, immediately following the RV. Noticing they’re getting close, Jace throws a flammable canister at them, making Michaela crash the car and the guys get away. In the RV, Pete tells his brother this is insane and Jace agrees. They fell through the ice and made it out alive. It was winter when they went in the lake and spring when they came out. They should be dead. “I think we were dead.” Corey thinks they came back to life somehow, like 828. Pete wonders why they can’t just stop running and give up. It’s a miracle and they know it. They shouldn’t be beating people up and firebombing the cops. Maybe they came back to do things differently. “Maybe you’re right.”


Olive and Angelina get to Angelina’s old school, finding the stained-glass windows. Olive notices the wings on one of the designs are peacock feathers. They’re supposed to be there. “This is what’s been following me.” Olive asks if scales mean anything to her and she says that archangel Michael used them to weigh souls on Judgement Day to see if you were worthy. The figure in Angelina’s Calling didn’t have a face, neither does the archangel. She was there when it happened. Her class made time capsules and when they were choosing where they each wanted to bury them, they were messing around and a rock went sailing right through the window. She knows exactly where hers would be but there’s not much in the box. The Callings led them there, leading them to the box. When they get to the spot, Olive starts using a rock to dig into the ground.

The two of them sit down on a bench and Angelina starts going through the box, taking out bracelets from various trips. She spots a picture of her younger self at King Kone, her parents would take her there on special occasions to get a slushie. “They were almost normal then.” Olive keeps trying to find the right thing to say, to tell her how sorry she is for all that she’s been through. The only reasonable thing she can think of is, “That sucks.” Angelina says it’s hard to believe she was ever happy but in this picture, she was. Maybe the Calling wanted her to have that photo to remind her how happy she was. To cheer her up, Olive suggests taking Angelina to get a slushie. At King Kone, Angelina asks Olive if she really thinks the Calling wanted them to get slushies. Olive has no idea but she’s so glad they did. She asks Angelina for a napkin and when she takes one out of her pocket, her photo drops to the ground.


Jace, Kory, and Pete park at King Kone after Olive and Angelina leave. Jace says Pete jogged his memory of how he used to be, when he worked there. Though the reason they’re there is to steal money. Pete suggests it might be better if everyone still thought they were at the bottom of the lake. “You saw the look on those cops’ faces. They know we’re back.” Pete says they can disappear, maybe go to Canada. Jace, however, says he has scores to settle. Corey asks if they’re going to smash and grab and peel out in an RV. They might have to improvise, Jace says.

Jace, Pete, and Corey hear Cal’s voice, “Go to her,” in their heads. “It’s the damn kid that died in the lake.” Corey wonders what the hell “Go to her” is supposed to mean. While getting closer to the ground, Pete spots Angelina’s photo. Cal’s voice is getting louder, as are police sirens. That kid is trying to mind control them to turn themselves in. Jace tells Pete they have to go but Pete doesn’t leave, still looking at the photo. He thinks he’s supposed to go to the girl in the photo. Jace and Corey leave Pete as Michaela and Drea drive up to him. Drea handcuffs him and Michaela wonders where the others are.


After reading Pete his rights, Michaela and Drea ask if he wants to tell them what he was doing there or where his brother went. Pete doesn’t speak, but as Drea takes him to the car, he tells Michaela that’s his photo. “Actually it’s NYPD’s.” Olive and Angelina walk up to Michaela and Olive tells her that Angelina had a Calling. The reason they’re there is they lost something from the box, they’re just trying to retrace their steps. Michaela asks what it was and Angelina grabs the photo from the clipboard. Pete sees her and pleads with her to not take it, the photo belongs to him. Angelina says it’s hers, she dropped it. Pete wonders how she could have a picture of him, but Angelina says this is a picture of her. She points to her 10-year-old self holding the slushie and Pete tells her that in the background, that’s his brother Jace working the counter. The boy staring at the girl with the slushie is him. Drea asks Michaela what they’re going to do and after some thinking, she says they’re going by the books. She tells Olive they need to go home, the other two are still at large.

Ben gets ready to leave but he sees a news report about the 828 tailfin being discovered and the new speculations about the flight and its passengers. News vans show up outside the house and Ben tells Olive and Angelina they can’t go. They’ll follow them all the way to Grace’s step-brother’s. News reporters tap on the door, trying to get Ben to say some words. He, Olive, and Angelina head back upstairs.

At the precinct, Michaela looks through some more files and sees the picture of the Major. Meanwhile, once Saanvi leaves her lab, Ben’s sample is glowing, and so is his hand, and his handprint on the 828 tailfin that is in a lockup bay in Cuba.


Manifest airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT on NBC, streaming the next day on Hulu and Peacock!

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