Sunday, October 17, 2021

Radio Company Releases New Song “Quarter To” From Upcoming Album ‘Vol. 2’

The dynamic duo we know as Radio Company, comprised of Jensen Ackles and Steve Carlson, keep raising the bar. After the recent release of “City Grown Willow,” fans were even more ecstatic than before for the upcoming release of their second album, Vol. 2. The new release of the song “Quarter To” is sure to heighten that excitement.

Earlier in the week, Radio Company teased on their Instagram that they would be giving us some type of content on Friday. The day has come, and with it brings a delightful new song.

The mellifluous blending of Carlson and Ackles’ voices on this track combined with upbeat strumming pattern and light melodies (as compared to some of the songs on Vol. 1) blend wonderfully, resulting in a song that elicits vibes of joy and triumph. Both of the artists’ vocal ranges are showcased with their respective alternations between carrying the harmony and melody. The song’s structure mirrors its lyrics, which build-up to the joyous ending:

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“I found a way

To feel away

I finally found

My way back home”

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Along with the release of “Quarter To,” a confirmed tracklist has been released. According to Apple Music, the tracklist is as follows:

  1. All My Livin Time
  2. Quarter To
  3. Watching over Me
  4. Truly Forgotten
  5. Dead to Rights
  6. Jump on into the Fire
  7. Eyes on Me
  8. Any Way That You Want Me
  9. City Grown Willow

Vol. 2 is now available for pre-order and will release on May 7. We can’t wait to see what other amazing songs Radio Company has for us — if the remaining seven are anything like the two we’ve already seen, the album is sure to be a hit. “Quarter To” is available on Apple Music. As always, stay tuned for more updates.

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