Interview: Musician Aidan Alexander Talks Latest Singles, Creating in Isolation, and More! [EXCLUSIVE]


Aidan Alexander might not be a household name yet, but he’s well on his way to becoming one.

The actor and musician released two new songs in March after a two-year-long hiatus from releasing music. His first single “I Don’t Love You” released in 2018 has been well-received, racking in over 3 million streams on Spotify alone. Nerds and Beyond recently had the chance to interview Alexander about his latest musical releases “the hills” and “the end of the world.”

Nerds and Beyond: Your song “the hills,” to me, is very reminiscent of an alter ego or having two different lives. Did your own experiences living in Hollywood help formulate how you approached writing it?

Alexander: Definitely. Growing up in this environment as a teenager, I saw and experienced more than the average kid so I wanted to write something that was playful and not taken too seriously (as everyone in LA takes themselves), but still inherently dark in its messaging.

Nerds and Beyond: You’ve just released two new songs after a two-year break, you have a new song coming in April — what are three words you would use to describe your upcoming music?

Alexander: Experimental, hopeful, and reflective. I think there is good in this world and I wanted to highlight it more. Genre wise, I’ve always been inspired by so many different artists and styles, so I’ve been wanting to experiment more with my music and take chances while still being accessible to people. I am making music that I love and would listen to.

Nerds and Beyond: Once the world begins to settle down and open back up, what are you most looking forward to doing?

Alexander: Touring! The world is so big and full of so many special people. I want to meet the people that have been supporting my music and me for so many years. I want to go to a concert every week. I need that human connection and the connection you feel with the music when you are touring. 

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Nerds and Beyond: Can you talk about your writing process in general? Do you thrive better in a specific environment?

Alexander: It’s always different. I tend to write better when I’m alone. Sometimes my music starts as poetry, but other times I go into the studio with an idea and just write with the music on loop. It’s always different and it’s lawless, which is something I love about it. 

Nerds and Beyond: Having said that, has self-isolation affected the way you approach your creative process as a whole?

Alexander: I have always self-isolated a bit, but the severity of quarantine has definitely made writing harder for me. I tend to write about what I see and am stimulated by, so being in my room all the time and not being able to go out and see the world and be exposed to other things, proved a challenge. At the same time, I think I learned a lot about myself, which will be reflected in my music. 

Nerds and Beyond: “the end of the world” has definitive nods to the pandemic, but it’s also very poetic. What made you want to write a track like it and what does it mean to you?

Alexander: I wanted to write about something timely, but I’m also a fan of disaster movies and how they make you feel and think about the world, so getting to be creative with that theme was natural. Having spent so much time alone over the last year made me realize that I don’t like it nearly as much as I thought I did, so I wanted to express that in the song as well.

Nerds and Beyond: You’re also an actor, and acting and music almost go hand in hand. Between telling a story, the artistry, and emotion, was transitioning into music easier for you because of your background in acting?

Alexander: I’m not sure if it was easier, but being a creative person I think helped me to express myself in different ways. They’re very different industries and it takes a whole lot of unlearning and relearning. I am still learning. I think being in the spotlight has helped me thicken my skin a bit, which can be helpful.

Nerds and Beyond: Who are some of your own musical inspirations?

Alexander: I love Lorde, Isaac Dunbar, Fleetwood Mac, Kerli, Amy Winehouse and Miley Cyrus. I have a ton of influences, from poets to authors, to musicians. 

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Nerds and Beyond: What’s something you hope your fans take away from your music?

Alexander: I hope they just find comfort knowing other people feel alone, too. There is no such thing as perfection, and everyone goes through things they feel isolated by. I hope they take away some solace from it, but also have fun and lose themselves in the upbeat ones. 

Nerds and Beyond: Finally, what’s one piece of advice you would give to aspiring musicians?

Alexander: Never stop writing and try to figure out what your voice and sound is. What do you have to say and contribute that the world needs to hear? Also, don’t ever give up. There are so many people who will tell you no, or to stop, or it’s unrealistic, but if you’re passionate and can’t see yourself doing anything else, keep going.

Be sure to check out “the hills” and “the end of the world” on streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music now! Follow Aidan on Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date on his latest projects.

Haley joined the Nerds and Beyond team in 2019 as a Writer and Editor. Her main fandoms include Criminal Minds, Wrestling, and The Walking Dead. You can find her on Twitter @haleyanne_.

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