Wednesday, March 22, 2023

The CW Releases Promo for New ‘Riverdale’ Episodes Returning Soon

THE CWRIVERDALEThe CW Releases Promo for New 'Riverdale' Episodes Returning Soon

The midseason finale of Riverdale has come and gone, but not without a few insane storylines, like inmates at Hiram’s prison escaping, Chad blackmailing Veronica to stay with him and the weirdest one of all: Jughead going missing after he saw a bright light coming from outside the bunker. The CW has released a new promo for upcoming episodes, which won’t be premiering for a while. Check it out below!

In the promo, a newly escaped Penelope Blossom is back and better than ever, Jughead is still missing, Betty is still trying to find any sign of Polly, Archie is held at gunpoint and pleading for his life, and Veronica’s jewelry store is raided.

Due to a new series, Kung Fu, taking over Riverdale‘s time slot starting next week, the drama won’t be back until Wednesday, July 7. It may seem like a long ways away, but hopefully time will go by fast!

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