Friday, September 24, 2021

Mark Millar and the Cast of ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’ Discuss the Upcoming Series at WonderCon@Home

The cast and crew of Jupiter’s Legacy sat down virtually this afternoon at WonderCon to talk all about the upcoming series, which premieres May 7 on Netflix. Cast members in the lineup included Josh Duhamel, Leslie Bibb, Ben Daniels, Mike Wade, Matt Lanter, Elena Kampouris, Andrew Horton, and Ian Quinlan as well as Mark Millar, writer of the Jupiter’s Legacy comics that the show is based on.

Jupiter’s Legacy follows a group of teenagers in the height of the Great Depression who visit an island in the Pacific where they receive superpowers. Upon returning to the United States, they take on the role of superheroes. Now, the heroes are the revered elder guard passing the torch onto their kids who have big shoes to fill to live up to their parents.

The panel was cut into two sections, one with the main heroes and a section dedicated to the younger heroes. The crew got candid about the show and their characters, described Jupiter’s Legacy to those who haven’t read up on the story, praised the costume designer on her ability to make their outfits so authentic to the story, and so much more.

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The younger generation of heroes talked about their roles, Horton proclaimed Brandon is the antithesis of Chloe, Quinlan talked about his character Hutch’s mohawk (it’s all his own hair!), and how being biracial really connected him with his character and how he doesn’t follow the norm; he wants to find his own identity.

To end the interview, both groups went head to head to play a quiz all about superheroes, and Bibb proves she really knows her stuff!

Check out the entire interview below.

For more on this year’s virtual WonderCon extravaganza, visit the Comic-Con YouTube channel.

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