Recap: More Twists and Explosive Revelations in ‘Walker’ Season 1, Episode 7 “Tracks”

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After the bombshells dropped last episode in the final minutes, fans were eager to see how they’d play out. While not all questions are answered this episode, it stands on its own with more explosive revelations.

Warning: spoilers are beyond this point!

To start the episode, we see August and Stella in the kitchen as August makes breakfast. Stella’s texting Trevor, and Cordell walks out to say hi to his kids. We find out the kids are going to Laredo for Stella’s soccer game, and August will be filming it. August tells Cordell he’s thinking of asking Ruby to the dance.

At Micki’s house, Cordell arrives and Trey answers the door, asking about his hand. Trey leaves to take the soccer team to Laredo, and Micki informs Cordell about her Mom. She tells him that she’s being detained in San Antonio for a DWI hit and run, but Micki doesn’t buy it as her Mom doesn’t drink. Cordell tells Micki he’ll come with her to San Antonio and they can make it an official case.

Captain James answers a call from Cordell, and we see that he and Liam are actually in Mexico, investigating the art gallery of Carlos’ niece. They also say that Geri is MIA, and if they can’t follow Geri, they follow the money.

As Stella and August are getting ready to go to Laredo, August is helping Trey put the bags under the bus. August talks to Ruby, about to ask her to the dance, but a boy named Todd shows up and drops that he’s going to the dance with Ruby. Isabel sees this awkward exchange and calls August over, saving him. As they’re almost ready to leave, Trevor shows up and he’s going on the trip to be the water boy. As Stella is talking to him, he has a flashback of visiting his Dad, Clint, in prison while Clint tells Trevor that Duke is the reason his Mom is dead.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Back at the jail in San Antonio, Micki bails her Mom, Adriana, out and she’s angry about it. Micki says they’ll get the press involved, she’ll make some calls, etc. Adriana says not to because she did it. Next, Micki pulls up to her childhood home where her and Cordell are spying on her Mom. They talk about how blood was collected (although it’s an incomplete DNA sample) and also a religious bracelet, that says “Patron Saint for Addicts”.

Next, the bus arrives in Laredo and the kids get off, entering the hotel. August is walking with Trevor and asks about him and his sister. He asks Trevor how to get a girl to like him and Todd overhears, giving him (terrible) advice.

Back in Mexico, Liam and Captain James arrive at the gallery. As Captain James arrives and distracts the niece, Liam takes photos of the guest book where people have signed in.

In San Antonio, Micki and Cordell follow Adriana to another house in a not-so-great neighborhood. As they’re talking, Micki sees a flashback of her and Adriana watching the trolleys pass by in their car. She tells Cordell how something changed and Adriana kept wanting to protect her from something. Cordell asks Micki why Adriana would lie about this, and Micki thinks maybe someone has something on her or is threatening her.

Back in Laredo, August sees Ruby and Todd together, but then sees Isabel by herself and goes to sit with her. Isabel tells August that her parents are in Mexico. They would have been deported and didn’t want to drag her into it, so they left on their own. At another table, Stella tells Trevor about “Thirsty Balls” which is an underground keg scrimmage they in Laredo. Stella notices something is off with Trevor and tells him he didn’t have to come, but he reassures her he wanted to. Trevor does tell Stella that he had a weird talk with his Dad and that he got into his head and under his skin and apologizes.

Back at the house with Micki and Cordell, they approach a woman, Mercedes, and says they want to know the purpose of her visit with Dr. Ramirez. Mercedes states that she’s her therapist, and she called her because she needed help. Mercedes says that Dr. Ramirez is a good woman and that’s all that’s important. We next see the two at a food truck as the two are looking more into Adriana. As they’re digging in, Micki says to check out Officer Mike Stevenson, who has been communicating a lot with Adriana.

In Mexico, Carlos’ niece continues to talk to Captain James and flirts with him. He says he’s recently divorced, and she takes his phone and puts her number in it. After Captain James leaves, she makes a phone call and tells someone on the other end that the person who put her uncle in jail has been in the gallery.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

In Laredo, we get to see “Thirsty Balls” in full action. Isabel shows August around as August films. Isabel draws Todd away so August can talk to Ruby. As Ruby goes to get a drink, Trevor comes over to talk to August.

Micki and Cordell find Officer Stevenson, where he says he knows her better than she thinks. It’s revealed that Adriana isn’t being harassed by him, they’re actually dating. Adriana arrives back at the house seeing the three of them talking, and they decide to stay for dinner.

As Captain James and Liam are drinking in Mexico, they’re going through the purchases for the gallery and see that there are no local purchases. James shows Liam business fronts for a gang called Northside Nation, who could potentially be involved. Liam tells James that his brother was right to want to keep digging into Emily’s murder and they should have let him, which Captain James agrees to. Liam says that Cordell deserves to hear it from them in person when they get back.

Micki and Cordell are with Mike and Adriana preparing dinner, when Cordell received a phone call that the kids are missing. Cordell tells him he’s on his way, and Micki insists she’s coming along.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

As night falls around the “Thirsty Balls” men in trucks arrive, circling some of the teens. A man gets out, and tells the kids it’s “Northside Nation” land and they didn’t get a party invite. Trevor tells them they’re just leaving, and the man says they need to collect the field fee. The man says that if someone can score on him, they’ll leave. Stella volunteers, and as she kicks the ball, another man shoots the ball. At this, Trevor decides to tackle the man, and Trevor gets punched. However, Cordell, Trey and Micki arrive at the right time and engage in a gun battle with the men as they get the kids to safety. Trevor picks up a gun that was knocked out of one of the men’s hands, and points it at Cordell and then man, calling him Duke, before turning the gun around and handing it to Cordell. The rest of the men escape, but Cordell is able to handcuff the one he tackled.

At the Laredo police station, they thank Cordell and Micki for their help. The man who Cordell arrested is in handcuffs, and approaches Cordell saying, “Of course she’s yours,” to Cordell and how Stella was looking for trouble. Instead of Cordell’s history of escalating a situation, he actually deescalates the situation and tells the man he picked up an extra twelve months behind bars for threatening the family of an officer. Micki tells Cordell she’s impressed at his handling of the situation.

As Cordell approaches Stella and August, he asks what they were thinking, getting upset at them. In response, August and Stella actually stand up and hug Cordell, with Stella saying she knows now what it would take to make him show up to her game. The three of them share in a group hug, and August asks for one more thing before they go back to the hotel.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

The next scene, we see Cordell and Micki sitting in the back of Micki’s truck as August, Isabel, Stella and Trevor are in a field, near a fence which represents the border. Isabel asks August why they stopped there, and August tells her that he thinks her parents are trying to reach her. As he says this, Isabel’s phone rings and the text is from her Mom which says to look up. As she looks up, fireworks are going off. August hands Isabel a firework as well, and he tells her that Stella gave him her parents phone number and they light up the fireworks together so that Isabel’s parents can see them back. Stella asks Trevor to go to the dance (or rather, tells him to). As they’re watching the fireworks, Micki gets a flashback to her and Adriana watching the trolleys, but now she remembers someone else in the car with them… one who is wearing the bracelet they found earlier. Micki says she needs to go and she has to ask her Mom something in person.

Micki arrives at her Mom’s house, and asks who the woman is. Adriana tells her that the woman is her sister… and it’s Micki’s real Mom, Mercedes. Mercedes was a drug addict and wasn’t able to get her act together, and gave Micki to Adriana in exchange for money. Adriana changed their names, and Micki’s real name was Nina Ruiz and that she was born in New Mexico. Adriana explains that a week ago Mercedes tracked her down and begged her to let her see Micki, but that they got into a fight and she drove off drunk and got into the accident. Micki gets upset and storms off.

At Stella’s soccer game, Trey tells the team that he’s now the head coach. Isabel runs over to August and tells her it was the nicest thing that someone’s ever done for her. She then asks him to the dance, as friends, and Ruby looks on in jealousy.

We see Cordell at the game on the phone with Micki, and she tells him what happens and not to tell anyone. We see her at the steps to Mercedes house, before she turns and retreats back to her truck. After the call, Cordell calls Trevor up to the stands and thanks him for standing up to the men and helping his kids.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

In the last minute of the episode, we go back to Captain James and Liam in Mexico. They’re leaving where they’re staying and Liam asks where the car is. As they’re in the street and Captain James hits the door lock on the car key, the car explodes.

Once again, Walker leaves us with so many questions. Who was Carlos’ niece on the phone with and did they tamper with Captain James and Liam’s car? What’s Trevor’s intentions now that he knows Duke is Cordell? Where’s Geri?

Walker airs on Thursday nights at 8/7c on The CW.

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