Sunday, March 26, 2023

The CW Releases New ‘Superman & Lois’ Clip Ahead of Tonight’s Episode “Haywire”

FANDOMDCThe CW Releases New 'Superman & Lois' Clip Ahead of Tonight's Episode...

The CW has released a new clip ahead of tonight’s episode of Superman & Lois “Haywire.”

In the clip Clark, stepping into his new role as assistant coach at the high school, is practicing with Jonathan and Jordan. Jonathan expresses the unfairness to himself and the rest of the team that Jordan is beginning to step up. Clark reassures him that there’s room for Jonathan — as well as the rest of the team — to do the same.

Lois also asks a small favor of Clark, asking him to show up to the assembly to say a few words since she can’t. She’s also still on Edge’s case, determined to uncover the truth about him.

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Check out the new clip below.

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