Recap: You Can’t Save Everyone in ‘Superman & Lois’ Season 1, Episode 4 “Haywire”

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In last week’s episode, Jordan really started to shine in his own ways and set his own path for high school by joining the football team. The episode also introduced the likes of Subjekt-11 (Daniel Cudmore) who had an epic battle with Superman, and Leslie Larr (Stacey Farber), Morgan Edge’s right hand. Read on to find out what happens in “Haywire.”

The episode starts with Edge, Kyle, and Leslie who are at the Crows football game. Kyle is talking to Edge about the town and how excited he is, when he brings up Lana and how she works at one of Edge’s banks, he becomes more interested and invites them to dinner. Chrissy and Lois are also in attendance, making sure to keep an eye on Edge. Sam sits next to Lois and is shocked to see that his son-in-law is the assistant coach. Even more shocking to him, though, is that Jordan is not only on the football team but he’s good.

Meanwhile, Jordan is nervous to start his first game, but Clark reassures him and sends him in. He tackles a few men before the ball is picked up and they receive their first touchdown of the game. 

Back at home, Sam is still shocked about Jordan, and reminds Lois that he has powers and needs to be watched. Clark comes in and sets Sam straight. But Sam says the government is already on their tale because Superman hasn’t been in the skies of Metropolis. Sam decides to stay the weekend to “pitch-in” at their residence.

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Edge, Leslie, Kyle, and Lana are at dinner. Edge is talking to Lana about working at one of his bank branches, and talks about how impressive her resume is. She says Smallville is her home and she likes it there. Edge says he’s more than willing to be a resource to help her be her best self. Meanwhile, Chrissy is reading over another one of Lois’ pieces. She says it’s savage, and this is why she hired her. Leslie shows up and hands Lois her previous job contract and reminds her that it would be a breach of contract if she published the piece. So, Chrissy weighs the risks versus the reward and says she can’t publish anything she’s writing.

As the new assistant coach, Clark is warming up Jordan and Jonathan before practice. He throws the ball to Jon before he uses his super speed to catch up to him and steals the ball. After he passes the ball to Jordan who lets it slip between his fingers (hey, at least he’s trying), Jonathan confesses that he feels it’s unfair to himself and the rest of the team that Jordan has been put at the forefront of the team. Clark reminds him that there is room for the rest of the team to reach the top as well.

Lois exits the house, listing a prolonged amount of compliments about her husband before asking him for a favor. Since she can’t speak out against Morgan Edge, she asks him to attend the assembly and speak on behalf. He agrees, and she says she’s heading to the mines — where she heard Edge is — to corner him in hopes of getting some real answers out of him. Clark doesn’t think it’s the best idea, as last time she tried to dig into Edge she was met face to face with Subjekt-11 (Daniel Cudmore). But Lois says she can handle herself. 

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Kyle is reading the Gazette and chuckles about the fact that Lois’ piece has not been published. Lana says it’s bold to stick up for an entitled millionaire, and she says while Edge was busy making her uncomfortable at dinner by cornering her, Kyle did nothing to stick up for his wife. A small fight breaks out and she walks off, fuming.

Lois shows up at the mines and is met with Leslie and Edge. She sticks up for herself letting him know if she gets sued, she will counter-sue and it will open up a can of worms into his shady dealings. Edge questions why the Kent family moved to Smallville, and says she’s past her prime, telling her to fold while she still can.

In the locker room, the team is looking over highlights from the game. Tag abruptly leaves the room and Jonathan heads into the bathroom to check on him. In the stall, it seems that Tag is going through a strange transition of his own. (Could he be a meta, perhaps?)

At the Kent household, Sam inquires about the prisoner (Killgrave) who they released that is in the middle of being transferred. The chewing gum on the van isn’t regular gum, it’s a bomb. While Sam requests Superman’s help with Killgrave, Jonathan grabs him to help him with the situation in the bathroom. Jonathan wants to talk about it, but Clark has to go assist with Killgrave. When he shows up to the scene, there’s a recorder with a message: “see you soon big blue.”

Superman is flying over the sky, on the lookout for Killgrave. Sam is leaving to head back to the Department of Defense, but before he leaves, he apologizes to the twins for the changes they are going through. He tells them they have an obligation, and tells them not to waste their father’s time because lives are at stake.

At the assembly voting, Chrissy and Lois are in attendance and Chrissy asks why Clark isn’t there yet, but Lois snaps saying he’s busy. As she heads down, she makes eye contact with Edge and Lana catches her asking her if she’d like to go out for a drink with her in the evening. As the voting is underway for Edge to take over Shuster mines, Chrissy votes “nay,” but it doesn’t do much, the motion is still approved.

Clark apologizes for not being there, and Lois says she feels guilty for asking him for help. She says she knew what she was signing up for when she got with Clark, but she feels like she’s at the bottom of the list of his priorities. She leaves to go meet Lana.

At the party, Jon checks on Tag who is looking much better. Jon pulls Sarah aside to ask him if he’s on drugs and if he is okay but Sarah just brushes him off.

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Lana and Lois are talking all about their husbands. Lois asks if they are good, and Lana says they’re going on 16 years, so a bump or two is bound to happen. Lana says it’s clear that romance and a marriage gets lost. Lana talks about when she found out Clark went to the city, and how he acted when he returned. She realized that it was because of Lois, saying she brought out the best in him. They cheers and down a shot.

Sarah and Jordan are talking, and she says the two of them are more “wayward” individuals, and Jordan says it feels good to finally be good at something. He feels like he’s finally happy and Sarah says it could be because he got lucky with the company he keeps. Sarah asks if they should go save Jonathan, but Jordan says to give him five minutes to at least turn it around.

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Tag is still having issues, knocking stuff over. Once again Jon saves the day trying to deescalate the fight that has ensued just as Tag’s hand begins to shake once again. He quickly leaves, and Jonathan says he will go check on him.

Superman finally finds Killgrave who corners him in a trap and begins hitting him with a sonic weapon that is lighting up his ears. Ouch!

Back at the party, it’s clear Tag has activated his metahuman abilities. Jonathan and Jordan are trying to help, and just as Jon says they need their dad’s help, Jordan reminds him that he isn’t the only one that they can count on. But Jordan gets hurt, and Jon has no choice but to call him. Superman is able to get Killgrave down, and notifies Sam before he jets off to help all three boys.

At the Kent home, everyone is gathered around the table. Jon asks if they are able to see Tag, but Lois cuts in telling them that Tag will go to a school for children with his abilities. Clark asks why they didn’t call right away and the boys look over at Sam. Clark is visibly angry, saying that he is their dad and he needs to protect them too. He notes that he knows his obligation, and that he has to live with it every day. Lois steps in and calls out her father. She says his parenting skills sucked, and still suck, and they will not be using his techniques on their kids. She says if he keeps pushing he will no longer be welcome in their home, so he leaves.

At the Cushings it’s breakfast time and Kyle has made dinosaur pancakes. Lana says he works hard, and that he has more than a few specialties to him. They kiss and Sarah covers her sisters eyes.

Back at the Kent’s, Jordan leads Lois out to the barn, which Clark has set up for a nice date night, wanting to play catch up for everything he has missed. He wants her to know that his time with her is what gets him through the day. The date gets rudely interrupted by Sam calling. Lois tells him to go help, and she says she’ll be waiting for him to come back.

Sam says they need to begin a contingency plan with a new protocol, calling it 7734. The episode ends with Leslie and Edge who have uncovered a large amount of X-Kryptonite. Uh oh.

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