Recap: Wanda’s Show Comes To an End on ‘WandaVision’ Season 1, Episode 9 “The Season Finale”

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Wanda took a stroll down memory lane with a push from Agatha, proving to viewers and Wanda alike that Westview was entirely her doing. Monica is powered up and Hayward is ready to let his reprogrammed White Vision take Westview down from the inside out.


Agatha is still holding Billy and Tommy and Wanda send Agatha a few blasts, sending her witch foe flying backwards and freeing the boys. Wanda commands the boys to head back to their room before resuming her battle with her neighbor turned villain.

Agatha seems all too happy to be being blasted, and it turns out that she wants Wanda to hit it; she takes power from the undeserving and uses it for herself. As Agatha absorbs Wanda’s power blast, Wanda sees her hand beginning to lose its life essence, just as Agatha’s sister witches in Salem had.

Agatha’s true motivation is revealed — she wants Wanda’s power for herself, all of it. Wanda doesn’t agree and sends a car flying straight at Agatha and into Agnes’ house. But Agatha isn’t under the car when all is said and done, only her shoes.


White Vision appears behind Wanda (and he’s creepy) and for a moment she thinks this may be the real Vision, not her magically created one. White Vision plays along for a moment, but soon grabs Wanda by her head revealing his true mission — to neutralize Wanda Maximoff.

Vision in color sends his doppelgänger flying, effectively saving Wanda’s skull from being crushed, and she apologizes to him for her deceit vowing to fix it. Both Agatha and White Vision re-emerge. Wanda and Vizh decide to fight for their home, and Wanda takes on Agatha and Vision battles the white version of himself.


They all take to the air, and Monica, trapped in Agatha’s house with Fake Pietro, tries to call out to Wanda.

Hayward is tracking the battle of the Visions when his troops bring him an arrested Agent Jimmy Woo. Jimmy steals a cell phone from the desk with his handcuffed hands as he tells Hayward there’s no way he’s going to get away with this. But Hayward is cocky, thinking he’ll be villainizing Wanda enough to cover his own tracks. Jimmy warns him his friends at Quantico won’t take kindly to this when they arrive inside the hour, but Hayward underestimates Jimmy and calls it a bluff. Jimmy frees himself from his cuffs when he’s left alone, calling his friends at Quantico.

Wanda and Agatha find themselves in the Westview town center and Agatha tells Wanda about the book from her basement, the Darkhold (the book of the damned), and the legend about the Scarlet Witch told in its pages. Her power exceeds that of the Sorcerer Supreme and it is her destiny to destroy the world. Wanda denies that she’s this Scarlet Witch, and in response, Agatha releases all the residents of Westview from Wanda’s control.

Monica uncovers Pietro’s true identity — Ralph Bohner. So the mysterious Ralph, “husband” of Agnes, is finally revealed. It’s been his house all along. The two get into a tussle, and Monica finds the source of Agatha’s control over Ralph/Pietro — a hexed necklace.

The Visions continue to battle as Billy and Tommy watch from their bedroom window. Still struggling with his powers, Billy senses their mom is in trouble and the boys take off.


The residents of Westview crowd Wanda, pleading with her to let them be free. Still unable to control her powers, Wanda screams in agony, power bursting from her chest and strangling all the residents of Westview. She stops herself quickly and finally resigns to letting them go. She opens a rift in the walls of the Hex, freeing everyone trapped inside. But also giving Hayward’s troops a way in.

As Wanda disbands the Hex, Vision and the boys begin to disappear along with it. Her family cannot exist without the Hex. Wanda reseals the Hex, her family coming back together, and Agnes sends a blast heading straight towards them. Wanda blocks it, but Agatha manages to draw out more of Wanda’s powers in the process.

White Vision and Agatha surround the family again, but this time a third adversary arrives — S.W.O.R.D.


Vision takes on White Vision, Wanda begins again with Agatha, and the boys take on the troops.

Vision asks why the White Vision is doing what he’s doing, and White Vision tells him that he was programmed to destroy the Vision. Ah, but Vision is not the Vision, he’s only a conditional one.

Wanda refuses to become a villain, saving the military from Agatha before taking off to fight her herself. Billy and Tommy expertly handle the troops in their own way (very reminiscent of Quicksilver in X-Men: Days of Future Past) and Hayward isn’t having it. He pulls his gun out to shoot the children (what the heck dude?) but Monica arrives just in time. She intercepts the energy of the bullets, stopping their trajectory, except for one. But Billy’s got that one. Using his witch powers he stops it in its track. Hayward tries to escape in a humvee but is halted by Darcy and her funnel cake truck ramming right into the driver’s side door.


The Visions have come to an agreement — both are the true Vision. Vision tells his rebuilt self that the data, the memories, are there, it’s just being kept from him. Vision returns the memories they both share to his physical form, and his eyes change to that of the Vision we know. He is Vision. And he leaves.

Vision heads out to the boys and Wanda sends Agatha back into the nightmare realm as we saw her do to the Avengers team in her first appearance. They’re in Salem as Agatha is being readied to burn at the stake. But Agatha isn’t so quickly fooled. The corpses of the witches turn on Wanda chanting “You are a witch.” She is the Scarlet Witch. Wanda is tied to the stake, her signature red crown lighting around her head. Agatha tells Wanda to give her her power, promising to let Wanda and her family continue her ruse in Westview; she’ll even fix the mistakes too.

Wanda doesn’t want her power. She starts throwing it at Agatha as the two soar above Westview. Vision tries to stop her, but Wanda halts him in his tracks.

Jimmy’s backup has arrived and has taken over Hayward’s base. They watch as Wanda’s powers bounce off the walls of the Hex.

Agatha succeeds in grabbing hold of Wanda taking her powers, but when she goes to seal the deal she’s rendered unable to cast the spell. Wanda has set the runes from Agatha’s basement along the walls of Westview. Agatha is powerless.


Wanda thanks Agatha for the lesson, ensuring her she doesn’t need her to tell her who she is. Agatha shudders in fear as Wanda embraces her powers and her moniker. She takes her powers back from Agatha, her clothes and hair changing to represent her newly accepted title of the Scarlet Witch.


Agatha asks Wanda her fate, and Wanda tells her her prison is here in Westview, taking on the role she’d created for herself — the nosy neighbor. Agatha warns Wanda of what she’s unleashed, ensuring that Wanda will need her. If she does, Wanda will know where to find her. And with a quick tap to her forehead, Agatha is suddenly Agnes once again.

Wanda and her family head home for the last time, the Hex shrinking in behind them leaving everything as it was as it recedes.

As the walls of the Hex begin to close in around them, Wanda and Vision bade their boys goodnight one last time, not letting them know what’s about to happen. She tells them that family is forever, they could never leave each other even if they tried. Wanda thanks the boys for choosing her to be their mom before turning out their light for the night … and forever.

Vision meets Wanda downstairs. It’s time to say goodbye. Vision asks Wanda what he is, because he knows he’s no longer the real Vision.

You, Vision, are the piece of the Mind Stone that lives in me.

Wanda bears her heart to the one she loves. And Vision, the synthezoid robot, sheds a tear.


Vision tells her, “We’ve said goodbye before, so it stands to reason …” Wanda finishes with, “We’ll say hello again.”

Vision begins to slowly dissipate, giving Wanda one last “So long, darling” before Wanda is left alone in the empty plot of the home Vision had planned for them once again.


The residents of Westview have returned to the town center, and give Wanda looks of hatred as she walks past them to greet Monica. Wanda knows the residents hate her, but she’s shocked to hear that Monica doesn’t. In fact, Monica assures her that if she had Wanda’s power she’d have done the same to bring her mom back. Wanda tells her she’s sorry for the pain she’s caused, and she’s going to learn how to understand this power that she has. And before she can be arrested, she takes to the sky and escapes.

In the mid-credits scene, Monica is greeted by Jimmy who has finally gotten a position of authority he deserves. Hayward is arrested, and then Monica is pulled aside into the the theater by a woman who reveals herself to be a Skrull. She tells Monica that she was sent by an old friend of her mother’s, and is ready to take her back up to space.

In the end-credits scene, Wanda has taken refuge in a cabin at the base of mountain. She gets herself some tea before it’s revealed that her astral form is dutifully studying the Darkhold, ready to learn all about her new powers. Then, the twins calls out …

To read more about the two post-credits scene you can check out our separate article on them!

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