Get Your Burger on With New ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Collectibles From Youtooz

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The Belchers are back — again! This time, Youtooz is cooking up their own collectible figurines featuring FOX’s lovable family. Beginning on Friday, March 12, fans will have the chance to pre-order four different collectible Bob’s Burgers figures from Youtooz. They feature Bob, Tina, Gene, and Louise. Each figure retails for $29.99 and will ship around June 15-22. Find more details about each figure below!

Bob — for those times you just need to dance in your underwear

Carefully sculpted with a mustache, open mouth and bald spot on his head, this collectible stands at 5 inches tall, featuring Bob in all his glory. His chest, arms, and legs include prints of his hair, and his lower back tattoo is visible as well. Bob’s double walled window box is illustrated to capture a scene on the street with an empty pickle suit.

Tina — when the charm bomb is ready to explode

Tina shows off her moves standing 4.4 inches tall wearing a dark blue skirt, blue shirt, black and white sneakers with socks tucked in. She has both hands on her knees, and her hair is sculpted blowing in the wind. Her double walled window box is illustrated to show the street where Bob’s Burgers is located.

Gene — Comes equipped with a bidet. “Don’t mind if i bi-do.”

Seated at 4.4 inches tall, Gene wears a yellow shirt, shorts, and red sneakers with white socks. He has a sculpted mouth and nose and has both fists in the air showing how excited he is to be on such a fancy toilet. That brings us to the toilet itself, with all of it’s fancy high tech elements added in. The double walled window box shows an illustration of the scene of the toilet in the middle of a forest, spraying a geyser of water from the bowl.

Louise — just in case someone smells fear on you

Louise stands 4.5 inches tall, holding a wooden paddle in both hands. On her feet are her night time slippers. She wears her pyjamas, as usually bright pink hat with ears. Her facial expression is angry, she is guarding Kuchi Kopi, who stands by her side in green squished glory. Her double-walled window box is illustrated to show her bedroom, as well as a pattern of a regular and squished Kuchi Kopi.

Bob’s Burgers follows Bob Belcher, his wife Lind, and their three kids — Tina, Gene, and Louis — as they run a struggling restaurant and take part in various adventures and antics. Watch the first 10 seasons now on Hulu, with season 11 airing Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on FOX and streaming next day on Hulu and FOX NOW.

Pre-order for figures opens Friday, March 12 at 3 p.m. ET on the Youtooz website.

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