Feature Length Documentary ‘Mike Mignola: Drawing Monsters’ Now on Kickstarter

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Mike Mignola is one of the most successful independent comic book creators. Best known for the popular series Hellboy, which has appeared in countless graphic novels and comic books, prose novels, short story collections, role playing games, video games, three live action films, two animated features, and toys and collectibles.

Now the award-winning Hellboy creator is getting his turn in the spotlight in the all-new documentary called Mike Mignola: Drawing Monsters.

“Telling the definitive story of one of the most influential and important comic book creators of all time. This feature length film includes never-before-seen interviews conducted with the legendary creator at his studio, drawing demonstrations, behind-the-scenes footage from comic book conventions, and interviews with some of the most influential people in entertainment.

Mike Mignola: Drawing Monsters

This new documentary offers an in-depth look at the legacy of Mike Mignola, starting with his work as an inker for Marvel Comics to the success of Hellboy. The feature-length film also includes exclusive interviews with Neil Gaiman and an interview with Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar discussing Mignola’s influence on her creation, plus so much more. 

Mike Mignola: Drawing Monsters is co-directed and produced by Jim Demonakos (founder, LightBox Expo and ECCC) and Kevin Hanna (Clockwork Girl) and is now available on Kickstarter for a month-long campaign that runs throughout March.

You can find more information on Mike Mignola: Drawing Monsters and even help support the campaign but visiting the official Kickstarter page here. Be sure to checkout the official teaser trailer below.

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