Recap: T.K. Makes a Decision in ‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ Season 2, Episode 6 “Everyone and Their Brother”

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Last week’s episode of 9-1-1: Lone Star was full of difficult conversations all around. The 126 had to break the news to Mateo about his misspelled new tattoo, Judd discovered Grace’s dad is cheating on her mom during an unfortunate 9-1-1 call, and Owen and Gwyneth finally had a breakthrough with their communication issues when they realized they both want to go through with the pregnancy after all. Keep reading to find out what happened in this week’s episode, “Everyone and Their Brother.”

Though the 126 may be the ones out and about responding to wild 9-1-1 calls galore on this show, Grace certainly gets her fair share of off-the-wall situations to handle over the phone at the dispatch center. The episode opens with a panicked call from a conjoined twin whose brother is choking (on peanut butter, no less).


Elsewhere, Judd is training T.K. on how to drive a fire engine because he “begged” him to help him obtain his fire specialist certification. It’s not going all that smoothly though, because T.K. is distracted. We flash back to the previous night, in which Owen and Gwyneth inform a stunned T.K. that he’s going to be a big brother. Judd tries to help talk T.K. through the confusing feelings he’s having about no longer being an only child.

A motorhome backs into an open bay at Station 126, despite Paul, Mateo, and Marjan’s shouts of protest. Paul is stunned to see his mom and sister pile out of the vehicle for a surprise visit all the way from Chicago. Although his mother seems thrilled to see him, there’s a tense vibe from his sister Naomi. After they leave for the RV park, Paul explains to Marjan and Mateo that he’s concerned about his mom traveling in the middle of a pandemic because she has cardiopulmonary disease. As for his sister, the two of them haven’t talked since he transitioned.


Tommy and Nancy have begun to conduct interviews to fill the open paramedic position, which becomes a challenge in itself once they begin to test the applicants in the field. They finally find someone that appears to be the perfect candidate, a man named Pearce, but Nancy isn’t entirely convinced.

Owen asks T.K. to come and see him in his office, and he tells him that he’s signing over his Power of Attorney to him. He’s going under for his final cancer surgery in two weeks, so he just wants to have the paperwork as a precaution. T.K.’s mixed feelings over becoming a big brother become abundantly clear when he mentions that he’s been trying to convince his dad to schedule the surgery for months, and Owen explains that he’s doing it now because he’s “going to be a father.”

Paul, his mom, and Naomi sit down for dinner at the RV park. The conversation takes a turn as Naomi grows defensive over Paul’s concerns for their mother’s safety and well-being. Paul is upset over the fact that Naomi will only call him “P” instead of using his full name, and makes a point to call her out over the fact that everyone else in their family accepted his transition with open arms … besides his sister. We learn that Naomi was 9 years old when Paul transitioned, and nobody was there to help her understand.

At the scene of an accident, Owen confides in Tommy that T.K. has been acting chilly toward him since he found out the news about the baby. The new paramedic Pearce makes a smart call when he recognizes that the victim they’re treating has cyanide poisoning from the flowers she was delivering.

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Two brothers fly a drone in a field as they lament over the fact that they’re moving away from Texas. It appears that the drone has crashed, so they go to investigate, crossing a fence with a “private property” sign. A man quickly comes running over with a gun; he shot the drone down because he thought it was a government device sent to spy on him. As the brothers turn to leave, the man tells them that they can’t move … they’re in a mine field. Before the man can instruct them with an exit route — the map is in his head, of course — he takes one wrong step and explodes. To make matters worse, a piece of shrapnel has embedded itself in the older brother’s leg.

The 126 arrives on the scene and we learn that the mine field spans 50 yards in each direction. The bomb squad is still 40 minutes out, but Tommy estimates the brother that’s bleeding has a half hour or less. As the crew prepares their supplies, they hit a snag when Pearce tells Tommy that he doesn’t want to go into the mine field with Captain Strand. Though Captain Vega then offers to go, T.K. speaks up and says he will. He was a dual function FD medic back in New York and all of his certifications are still up-to-date.

Owen and T.K. use the ladder from the fire truck to get as far out into the field as they can from up above. They’ve come up with a rudimentary system to create a safe path in the absence of the bomb squad — Owen tosses a heavy duffel bag within jumping distance of where he’s standing, hops on top of it, and marks the area with a ring of spray paint. The rest of team watches nervously from the sidelines. Just when T.K. and Captain Strand have almost reached the boys, Owen tosses the duffel bag and sets off a hidden mine. When the dust clears, both he and T.K. are thankfully still in one piece and no debris has hit either of the brothers.

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T.K. and Owen quickly get to work on saving the injured boy, but T.K. soon realizes he doesn’t have a pulse, and therefore the blood transfusion isn’t working. T.K. starts doing compressions until he finally comes to. And, better late than never, the bomb squad finally shows up.

Later, Tommy reassures Pearce that he will never be punished or penalized for refusing to do something he feels is unsafe. Pearce, however, tells her that he doesn’t think the position with them is going to work out for him after all. She and Captain Strand’s “cowboy culture” just isn’t for him, which roughly translates to the fact that he’s not willing to jump into dangerous situations like they are.

Paul gets a text message and finds out that his mom and Naomi never made it out of town; his mom is in the hospital. When he arrives, he learns that his mom is fine, but his sister had an MS flareup. She was diagnosed three years ago, and Paul had no idea. The motorhome trip wasn’t a bucket list item for their mother … it was for Naomi. Paul and Naomi have a heart-to-heart as they look back on his transition.

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Tommy and Nancy are back to the drawing board as they begin to go through the paramedic applications once again. Captain Vega pauses when she sees a familiar name … someone who’s very qualified indeed. She heads over to Captain Strand’s office to discuss the applicant — T.K. Strand.  

Owen goes to find T.K., who’s currently buffing out some damage inflicted on the fire engine during his training with Judd (whoops). His father feels him out to try to understand if being a paramedic is what he really wants, rather than just an emotional reaction. T.K. tries to make Owen understand that while he knows his father is overwhelmed with joy right now over the baby, T.K. himself is just overwhelmed period. He recognizes the fact that he coped with feelings like this in the past in an unhealthy way. This time, though, instead of calling a paramedic … he wants to become one. Owen tells him that he’ll support him if it’s what he wants. T.K., in turn, explains that he’s happy for his parents that they’re having a baby. He doesn’t find it odd that he’s having another child at his age, it’s just the thought of being a big brother. We finally get to the real root of the issue as T.K. admits that his jealousy stems from the fact that this child will get to experience his parents being together, which is something he never really had growing up.

Paul, Marjan, and Mateo show up at the RV park to help with some repairs on the motorhome. Paul says goodbye to his mom and Naomi as they head out for the next leg of their adventures.

In the final moments of the episode, Gwyneth, Owen, and T.K. get some exciting news at the ultrasound – it’s a boy!

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