Who We Might See Brought Into the Final Episodes of ‘WandaVision’

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As WandaVision is getting ready for its big finale, fans are left speculating as to what the heck is going on … still! This show has been a fantastic mystery, leaving room for fans to speculate and theorize their hearts out, we’re almost not ready to let it go …

As the chances to make these wild scenarios draws to a close, we compromised a list of who we think may show in the final episodes, from heroes to villains to species …

(We did not include Mephisto or Agatha Harkness, because they are already so deeply theorized to be wrapped up in the series. But we think they’re there. You can read our Mephisto theories evidence from episode 6 here.)

Doctor Strange

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This almost seems like a guarantee. In the comics Doctor Strange is involved with trying to break through to Wanda when she begins utilizing her reality-altering powers to the levels we see in WandaVision, and we know that this series ties in to the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. In fact, they’re filming it now.

It would be shocking to not involve the Sorcerer Supreme when this level of magic is in play, and she may also be playing in the Multiverse with the reappearance of recast Pietro.

Look for him to arrive in the final two episodes to save the day when nothing else works, he is after all not far from New Jersey.


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Ultron has been hinted at many times in the series, and he has huge ties to both Wanda and Vision from Avengers: Age of Ultron. He’s also featured in one of the comics that was referenced when making this series, Avengers Disassembled.

James Spader is listed as voicing Ultron for WandaVision on some websites, but this was never confirmed by anyone, so shouldn’t be taken with much credibility. However, as we progress keep an eye on Director Hayward’s intentions. He’s clearly up to no good and having Ultron whispering in his ear wouldn’t be shocking.

It was after all Wanda who defeated Ultron, and Vision who let him get away …

Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic


Reed Richards, aka Mr. Fantastic, I’d bet money he appears. Monica has hinted at him multiple times, one time with a giant “4” written on the board behind her. This would be a huge surprise and a perfect introduction into the MCU for Mr. Fantastic.

Richards would be the Aerospace Engineer Monica is heading to meet to help her get into Westview once again, and we know she was on her way there at the end of episode 6. He may be here as soon as Episode 7 …

Marvel also announced a new Fantastic Four film, marking their arrival to the MCU back in December — they need to get here somehow!

Magneto and Professor X


Magneto and Professor X have huge parts in another comic series heavily referenced in WandaVision, House of M. In the comics as a whole, Wanda (and Pietro) are Magneto’s children, and they discover this much later in their lives. While we seemingly have a backstory for Wanda (and Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Pietro), it wouldn’t be hard to rewrite that to include Magneto.

While we think that the Mind Stone created the powers we see the twins wielding in Age of Ultron, it could very easily be spun that they were the only two survivors of the experiments because of suppressed genetic mutations … that cause the Mutants.

Mutants are heading to the MCU, if they haven’t already with Evan Peters’ Pietro making an appearance in the series. While who he really might be (Mephisto …) is still unknown, if he really is Quicksilver from the Fox X-Men series, it’s the perfect time to bring over the Magneto and Professor X we know and love from those film as well, Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy.

Also, in those films, Pietro has been hinted at being Magneto’s son … it’s a shame we’ll have to pull Erik and Charles from their much deserved retirement at the end of Dark Phoenix however.



Speaking of mutants, there needs to be a way to organically get them into the MCU, and we know have years of films without any mutants — a hard work around. Until now, it’s been confirmed that the energy field around Westview has readings of CMBR (Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation). They likened this to having energy reminiscent of the Big Bang, where the Mind Stone was created.

This could also reinforce Wanda and Pietro’s powers awakening via the Mind Stone, and now they’re utilizing it to make MORE mutants for the MCU. What this would mean for the mutants in the MCU would be interesting — would they be the same mutants we’ve come to know and love? And how much would they differ?

Whether that’s the reasoning or not, look to mutants in some form coming from the bubble of Westview expanding.

Layla Miller


Another House of M star, Layla Miller. House of M is a (great) worldly mess, all created by Wanda and her grief, but somehow one little mutant, Layla, is impervious to Wanda’s magic and possesses the ability to break others out of it.

Another great way to introduce mutants, and she could very well be discovered here in episode 7 with new powers, as she’ll be only one in Westview who knows what life should be like.

She also goes by Butterfly in her later years as a superhero, and we know episode 3 featured a swarm, and episode 3 was when things started slowly breaking down, with Monica remembering the truth about Pietro and his death …

The newest episode of WandaVision will release Friday exclusively on Disney+.

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