Thursday, December 1, 2022

‘Rule of Cool’ Written by Matthew Siege and Narrated by Felicia Day Is Released!

BOOKS'Rule of Cool' Written by Matthew Siege and Narrated by Felicia Day...

Gamers and geeks alike will absolutely love this new novel! Published by Aethon Books and written by Matthew Siege, this story will take you down to nerdy paradise! If you prefer to listen to the novel, you can join Felicia Day as she narrates Raze the Gearblin in this funny, fictitious, sci-fi journey you won’t want to miss!

Here is the description, according to Audible:

Actress, YouTube star, and goddess of geekdom Felicia Day (The GuildDr. Horrible’s Sing-Along BlogBuffy the Vampire Slayer) brings to life this screaming love letter to litRPG and the possibilities the genre embraces. Don’t miss her hilarious, high-paced performance of unforgettable characters in Rule of Cool – perfect for fans of Ryan Rimmel, Dakota Krout, and Shemer Kuznits.

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Raze is “just” a lowly Gearblin chained to the quest-giver desk at the worst (and only) arcade in town. And that’s a problem for her. It means that she’s a Non-Participating Citizen, someone who can’t see her stats nor make opposed rolls against Heroes. It’s why her life’s worth less than the vendor trash she doles out.

The old-timers swear it didn’t use to be like this; their issues only began once RNGesus went AFK a thousand years ago, leaving the questionably blessed Heroes to conquer everything without consequence. Fortunately, Raze is not about to let something as trivial as a millennium of injustice cramp her style. She’s got a crush on a frustratingly optimistic dreamer who talks her into using the Konami Code as a map to scale the conveniently located and suitably forbidden fortress. And when they reach the top, everything changes.

What follows is Raze and her mismatched crew doing their damnedest to burn the new “old” ways down to the ground, squaring off against thousands of noob heroes in epic, crunchy, badass, mechanized carnage!”

Make sure to snag your copy today! In case you’re feeling fancy, you can also enjoy this novel on Audible or Podium Audio.

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