Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Final Child Releases New Single “Monster” With Surprise ‘Prodigal Son’ Music Video!

TELEVISIONFOXFinal Child Releases New Single "Monster" With Surprise ‘Prodigal Son’ Music Video!

Musician Jennifer Akerman, also known as Final Child, has released her newest single “Monster,” the title track from her upcoming new album, and it’s a hit that you won’t want to miss.

“Monster” carries the same intoxicating dance vibes as “Dead Romance” with a sinister undertone to lyrics such as “blood is running down, neither of us will survive” and “each of my regrets lay awake underneath the bed, all I see is a monster, come alive.” The dark and entrancing tune’s composition perfectly compliments the lyrics.

Additionally, Akerman promised a surprise with the new song and she delivered! Along with the song’s release, Akerman partnered with FOX’s Prodigal Son (on which Akerman’s husband, Tom Payne, stars as FBI Profiler Malcolm Bright) to release an accompanying music video featuring the complex relationship between Payne’s Bright and Michael Sheen’s serial killer character Martin Whitly as well as a promo. This isn’t Akerman’s first partnership with the show either. She previously released a recording of “My Girl” featuring Ainsley Whitly in its video.

You can check out the promo with “Monster” below!

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You can check out her full music video for “Monster” below!

As Akerman stated in a previous Instagram post, this title track was the inspiration behind the Monster album that’s been almost a year in the making, so we can expect even more dark and songs in the same style as “Monster.”

Akerman already released the album tracklist and it’s safe to say I’m extremely excited to hear each and every song. If they are anything like “Monster” and “Dead Romance,” they’ll certainly be nonstop hits that you can’t get out of your head. The tracklist is as follows:

– “Mad Woman”
– “Dead Romance”
– “Monster”
– “Thunderbird”
– “South of the Border”
– “You Hold the Gun”
– “Dark Side of the Moon”
– “Catch Me Running”
– “Evil Inside”
– “The Odd One”
– “Got a Problem With Knives”
– “Bang Bang”

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“Monster” is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and everywhere you listen to music now!

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