‘WandaVision’ Revving up To Introduce a New Hero To the MCU

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After the events of WandaVision episode 5, all signs pointed to something being off with Monica Rambeau after her medical checkup. Her blood work went missing, and her x-ray turned out as an overexposed, indistinguishable white blob. Episode 6 gave some more clarity to what’s going on with Monica and what is likely set to occur after she crosses the threshold of Westview once again.

Digging through Director Hayward’s files looking for any of his hidden, top secret intel on Westview and Wanda, Darcy found something that had supposedly gone missing — Monica’s blood work. And it’s easy to see why Hayward decided to keep it a secret. The energy has “rewritten Monica’s cells on a molecular level” … twice. And she’s dead set on getting into Westview one more time to help Wanda, despite her mutating cells. That’s a superhero origin story if we’ve ever heard one.


In the comics, Monica becomes the hero Photon. Her powers are remarkable — she can transform herself into multiple forms of radiation and energy, she’s invisible, intangible (like Vision) and capable of flight, immortal, and able to identify new forms of energy. Monica is already heading down her comic counterpart’s path in her law enforcement career, and Photon does eventually go on to become leader of the Avengers.


With one more pass through the energy barrier surrounding Westview it would seem Monica’s transformation will be complete. What will be even more incredible is if the Aerospace Engineer she’s heading to meet at the end of episode 6 is Reed Richards a.k.a. Mr. Fantastic. That’s a team up we’d all like to see.

You can stream the first six episodes of WandaVision on Disney+.

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